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This game is a turn-based strategy game titled "Golden Age: Nusantara" and the theme is Majapahit era. This game tells about the events after the collapse of Singhasari Empire which resulted in the banishment of Raden Wijaya to Trowulan area, then later he establish a new settlement there which will become Majapahit Empire. in this game player will be tasked to assist Raden Wijaya and all the next Kings and Queens in establishing and organizing the administration in the capital city of Majapahit so that Majapahit can stand as an empire that can unite and bring glory to the archipelago of Indonesia.

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Prototype Studios is looking for a passionate and talented User Experience Designers to build compelling and accessible interfaces for our games. As UX designer you will contribute to the vision for how players experience the game. You will work directly with the Design Leads and Directors of the game as well as teams across the studio to ensure that all aspects of the game’s interface are easily understood and support the goals of the game.

What you’ll be doing:
- Collaborate with team to translate game systems and gameplay user experience goals into intuitive interfaces that support and enhance the game experience.
- Create conceptual wireframes, user flow diagrams, and low-fidelity prototypes to communicate design concepts for discussion and testing purposes.
- Collaborate with artists to create high-fidelity mockups to solidify design direction and planning.
- Observe and interpret results of usability testing and live game metrics, sharing conclusions with the team that help increase accessibility and inform design decision making game-wide.
- Produce finished design specs with detailed requirements and use cases for final game user interface, including in-game UI (e.g. HUD).

The skills and experience you’ll need:
- Excellent analytical and problem solving skills and a solid understanding of user-centered design principles to design a complete interface for all game features that is functional, usable, appealing, and accessible.
- Awareness of trends in hardware and operating systems, interface design, interactive design, and competitive software to help identify opportunities for innovation.
- Excellent communication skills, with the ability to present ideas and specifications to a broad range of team members from different disciplines.
- Ability to observe, understand and translate research into actionable insights for interface improvements.
- Skills with Adobe illustrator or similar program.
- Minimal experience with the Unity game engine

- Experience designing UX-driven systems (social, rewards, other).
- Game industry experience designing UI for games, preferably on the console.
- Game industry experience designing gameplay systems of any sort.
- Formal information architecture or user centered design training.
- Graphic design skills.
- Passion for gaming with an eye to how user experience contributes to the success and accessibility of games.

It is our life’s passion to create a unique gameplay experiences that are enjoyed by as many video game fans as possible. We are driven by a deep sense of pride, constantly striving to do the best work of our careers, so fans can have the most fun of their lives.

To learn more about our studio, please visit us at Prototypestd.ml, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/prototypestd,, and @prototypestd on Twitter.

To Apply

Email to us your portfolio at city17mayor@gmail.com or haikalizz@prototypestd.ml or Upload it at Prototypestd.ml

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Golden Age : Nusantara
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Prototype Studios
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