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"You wake up in an abandoned apartment, how did you get here? Ok, get it together, let's collect some supplies. Hmm, what's that noise? I guess I'll hide in this closet for a while..."

Gojigaboga is a first person survival horror game where you have to escape an apartment complex. You navigate through the apartments, stairs, attic and basement to try and find a way out, fortunately there is more than one escape route. To be able to escape you need to make use of common household objects found in the apartments.

It wouldn't be right to leave you alone in the house right? Don't worry, we left you some terrifying creatures to keep you company while you try to escape. But don't get too friendly with them, they won't say hello before they kill you.

The visuals of Gojigaboga are simple and cartoonish with dim lighting and tight level design. The audio experience is creepy and unpleasant with sudden changes. Combined with the gameplay, this creates the feeling of loneliness and weakness.


  • Sandbox environment: Multi-story apartment complex fully furnished, including attic and basement. Explore the abandoned building to find out what really happened there
  • Different enemies: Each with different personalities to make your life miserable
  • Multiple escape routes: Try a different one each time you play
  • Interactive environment: Break locked doors, cut padlocks, turn on/off lights, hide
  • Generated loot: Light sources, tools, collectibles and common household objects needed for crafting
  • Procedural generation: The environment will look different each time you play
  • Permadeath: If you die, you start all over again
  • Controller support: Play the game with a controller

Do you have what it takes to survive?

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Gojigaboga has been greenlit thanks to you!

Hello! As some of you may have noticed we have been greenlit which means that we can release Gojigaboga on Steam! This is very good news as we can focus all our energy on getting the game ready for release. Thank you to all that voted for us on Steam Greenlight! Now hang tight while we get the game finished, follow us on social media to get frequent updates on our progress.

Gojigaboga has been greenlit

Here is one of the gameplay teasers from the greenlight in case you missed it. Keep in mind a lot will change before release.

Gojigaboga - Greenlight

Gojigaboga - Greenlight

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Gojigaboga is now on Steam Greenlight! Check out our trailer and vote for us!

Gojigaboga - Beta

Gojigaboga - Beta


Gojigaboga is now in beta, it's coming to Steam Greenlight next week!

Gojigaboga - The Basement

Gojigaboga - The Basement

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Check out the basement of Gojigaboga, a possible escape route?

Gojigaboga - Pushing towards Beta

Gojigaboga - Pushing towards Beta


Gojigaboga is set to enter beta phase at the end of August. It will be pushing towards a release soon afterwards.

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Today we are optimizing performance and doing the last pieces of the level design for Gojigaboga, soon ready for release! #indiedev #gamedev

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Gojigaboga is coming to Steam! Hypeatized.com T.co

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Yay, Gojigaboga has been greenlit! Thank you for your support! #indiedev #gamedev #horror

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