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The Game

Glyphs of Eldamir: Roguelike Edition is a 2D retro-style roguelike that features four treacherous dungeons to liberate from evil, dozens of powerful weapons/spells to help pulverize any enemy that comes your way, an advanced skill-tree system paired with character stats/leveling to provide hours upon hours of gameplay, and permadeath.

It draws its inspiration from Soul Knight (Android), Diablo II, The Legend of Zelda, and Hyper Light Drifter; and will be initially released on PC, Mac, and Linux with additional platforms coming later.

The Story

Legend has it that Eldamir, a now peaceful land was once plagued by evil spirits.

When the death toll became overwhelming, the four most powerful Elders sacrificed themselves to create the Glyphs and end the chaos.

Centuries later, a series of unforeseen events damage the Glyphs, breaking the enchantment they held over the lands, allowing evil to rise again.

It is now up to Elias to repair the Glyphs and cleanse the evil from the land of Eldamir before it's too late.

Planned Features

  • Four randomly-generated dungeons, each with their own set of unique enemies, bosses, puzzles, and theme (crypt, wetlands/swamp, volcanic, and mountainous)
  • Dozens of unique weapons to help you pulverize any enemy that may be unlucky enough to come across your path (broadswords, daggers, spears, crossbows, to name a few)
  • Four weapon classes: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Ultra Rare (the more rare a weapon is, the more damage/abilities it will have)
  • Four damage buffs: poison, fire, lightning, and ice (or no buff at all for common weapons)
  • Scientifically-engineered weapons (landmines, grenades, poison bombs, etc.)
  • Dozens of magic spells to learn and upgrade – categorized by Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Earth
  • An advanced skill-tree system reminiscent of Diablo II including both active and passive skills; harness the power of the Elders by collecting Glyphs along the way to unlock more powerful spells/skills
  • Numerous deadly traps to avoid and/or use to your advantage – kill or be killed by step-triggered arrows, hidden spikes, pitfalls, exploding crates, and more
  • Permanent character death (when you die – and die you will... a lot – you'll start from the beginning with a fresh character and empty inventory; a full run will take anywhere from 1-2 hours to complete, assuming you live through the whole thing)
  • Six different combat masteries (Warrior, Archer, Sorcerer, Assassin, Engineer, and Druid) provide a temporary buff to certain character stats and enable usage of mastery-specific weaponry/spells (e.g. you must be a Warrior to use Warrior-specific weapons)
  • Permanent character stats and leveling help make runs easier as you progress (it'll be quite difficult–if not impossible–to complete a run when first starting out) and help unlock more advanced weaponry/spells
  • A half dozen or more mini-games help break up the monotony of dungeon crawling (mazes, King Arthur's sword, casino games in the town's pub, etc.)
  • An original soundtrack composed by José Ramón García will bring musical enjoyment to your ears while you are playing! (It is estimated to be 10 minutes in length.)
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We've relaunched the campaign!!

Good news! You can now get the game at a 33% discounted price of just $10 for the first 72 hours of the relaunch!!

Support for the original campaign started off well, then abruptly died after two days, leaving us to believe we were overcharging for the current state of the game. Thus, we decided it was best to launch a new one using discounted tiers.

After the first 72 hours, the discount drops to just 20% so we recommend pledging now if you'd like to lock in the maximum savings.

In addition, three brand new reward tiers have been added ("PDF Strategy Guide", "Design An NPC", and "Design A Trap") so we also recommend looking over all of the reward tiers again, as most have them have been changed (for the better).

If you checked out the previous campaign, but thought the $15 minimum reward price was too darn high – now is your chance to save some money and support an indie developer all at the same time!

Please have another look at the relaunch and lock in your 33% savings before it's too late: Kickstarter.com


Legit Games LLC




We are *finally* LIVE on Kickstarter! Pledge your support today!!

We are launching on Kickstarter next week!! (February 27th)

We are launching on Kickstarter next week!! (February 27th)


The time is nigh! Our game, Glyphs of Eldamir: Roguelike Edition, is launching on Kickstarter one week from today – February 27th at 12:00 AM ET.

We are on Thunderclap!

We are on Thunderclap!


Our Thunderclap campaign was just approved for a Kickstarter launch day social media blast! Support us by joining today!!

Looking for feedback!

Looking for feedback!


We are going to be starting a Kickstarter campaign in the coming weeks for our game and we would love to have some feedback on what you think of our current...

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