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Gladiators of the Arena is an upcoming rpg hack 'n' slash game developed by Creative Oven Studios using Unreal Development Kit. You play as a slave gladiator fighting for survival in Arenas across the territory of Roman Empire to win your freedom. The game focuses on Slave mode and Citzien mode: In slave mode you fight to survive and get your freedom. After that Citzien mode becomes open and you become professional gladiator. It allows you to buy a house in a city or go hunting to the forest. In custom fight you fight in chosen game mode such as : Team deathmatch, Survival or Free for all and others.

Report RSS Gladiators of the arena version 0.65 coming out , tomorrow !

Heya , i am happy to say that we will have another demo, and this one really clean and fun , of GOTA , tomorrow at 10:00 AM UTC+ AM +01:00 time zone .

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After months of work , we got to get together a really nice piece of art , this one it's nothing compared with the versión 0.53 , that most of the animation could not be even called animations , this one the 0.65 will include new better animations in every aspect so far.


The main gameplay has not changed " Mount and blade controls " , but we have added 2 Little more concepts for the gameplay that may make the game much more interesting this ones are the special attacks , and the deathblows. Special Attacks , allow you for , movements that will give you certain advantages over the common attacks , but they are really expensive in vigour and should not be over used , unless you want to end up really exhausted in the middle of the fights , every weapon unless bow will have one. For instance spears will have long thursts. Deathblows: This time deathblows are fully working , and there's a notify while you are fighting in the arena there's freedom to perform them whenever you want. Score system : now most of the notifications work , so far there's this ones . Cut Arms: No Arm , Cut a Leg: One foot Walker , Cut Head Decapitation , Deathblow Deathblow!, Perform a lot of thursts Stab spammer, kill two enemies in a row , Double kill! And the more you get from them a new message plus more score will happend , the main idea of the notifies it's taken from a game of gladiators by capcom called shadow of rome. But the functionality it's not exacly the same , the score gets comboed and multiplied by the exponent of combos , like tony hawk series.


About Art , we are still working on music , levels and a lot of stuff , this demo will include new weapons to have more variety.
Some weapons have they're own special attack , and some other weapons have the same than others. The new demo will include 5 new weapons. Trident: Slow to swing , allows for special attack long thurst , it's heavy , and when you hit your enemy recives a lot of momentum pushing him away. Pilum: So letal when throwing it and fast to swing " not really balanced in the demo " but usable , very breakable weapon Mace: Allows for special attack " aerial blast " , it's heavy slow , but it can leave you unconsious easily and the momentum spread it's really heavy. Spartan sword: Allows for special attack , achilles hit , " animation based on achilles movie first fight " , it's a fast weapon , and the slashes do a lot of damage , not the thursts " gladius instead it's really damaging on thursts " this one it's not. Spartan Shield: This one will be one of the most powerful but heaviest shields in gota , perfect to cover your upper body part , prevent hits from right and left , but still only leaves will be able to save your legs. Written by Ferran Tantinya Bernades 2/12.Follow us in face book Facebook.com , and keep track of our website www.gladiatorsofthearena.org versión already out check downloads : ).

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Gladiators of the Arena [GOTA]
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