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Gibraltar is a fast paced, territory focused, turn based tactics game. It takes inspiration from Advance Wars and Hearthstone, as well as Go, a Japanese board game. I love the excitement and intensity of sitting around a table, computer or Gameboy and pitting your wits against friends. When I started making Gibraltar, I wanted to infuse it with that same mix of comradery and rivalry that I felt while playing Advance Wars years ago. I call Gibraltar a “lunch-time game” because I want it to feel like a game I would have played with my friends during lunch or recess as a kid.

Gibraltar differs from other turn based strategy games in that its primary goal is not to kill all the enemy’s units or even to capture the enemy’s base, but to control his territory. The game board is divided into a grid. Players can control grid squares by capturing nearby buildings or by deploying Disrupter units, which can move around the board and take territory. The players have a small arsenal of units to defend their territory from encroaching enemies, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

With Gibraltar, I really want to make sure that players can fit in a match wherever and whenever they want and still come out of it with a feeling of accomplishment. For this reason, the maps in Gibraltar are compact and game goals will be simple. The time commitment required for a single match is something that really drives me away from some competitive games. It certainly adds a sense of importance to the game but I want Gibraltar to flow quickly, smoothly and elegantly.



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A match of Gibraltar is split up into three main phases: First, you select what base you want to spawn your units around..

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Proper map positioning is important. When choosing a base, you have to think about what units and strategies you like to employ and how effective they will be when fighting from this position.

Next, you spawn your units...

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There will eventually (probably) be seven units in the game. It's up to you which units will work best with your play style and where to spawn them within your base's territory. Putting your slower units in front of your fast ones might slow your whole army down.. but it might also protect your weaker units during the opening moves of the game. Choices..

Lastly, you battle. I'm still working on the battle video / gif so keep an eye out for that.


Welcome to Gibraltar!

Welcome to Gibraltar!


A quick introduction to Gibraltar, where it comes from and what I'm hoping to do in the upcoming months.

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Gibraltar is a fast paced, territory focused, turn based tactics game. It takes inspiration from Advance Wars and Hearthstone, as well as Go, a Japanese...

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