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The Ghostly Tales of Lordly Manor is a third person puzzle adventure game where you play as William Lordly who has received a letter inviting him to Lordly Manor from his father who has been dead for five years. William will need to use supernatural powers including turning into a ghost himself, controlling time and possessing inanimate objects to solve puzzles in order to free his father from being trapped in the mansion for all time.

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Zoidberg202 says

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I really enjoyed the bright and cooky environment this game provides. Although there seems to be some performance issues with the game, I did enjoy it. The main mechanic of flying around as a ghost is a great idea and was fun to play with. Love the work


aheeheenuss says

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Couple of recurring graphical glitches aside, this was a pretty enjoyable game from start to finish. Funny atmosphere and nifty challenges make this game a bit of a laugh to play through which is great.

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