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Gentrieve 2 is a "Metroid"-style 3D action game featuring completely random & customizable worlds. The year is 3080. Mass Generators are creating everything, everywhere. However, thieves often steal Mass Generators in hopes of creating robot armies & fortresses. Thieves are terrible programmers, though, and their creations become uncontrollably hostile & fortresses wildly convoluted. It is your job to clear out these fortresses & return the faulty Mass Generators. Be warned, when the Mass Generator is taken offline, the fortress will soon implode!

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Nov 2 2012 Anchor

The map system in the game, it can get just a TAD convoluted. And by "convoluted" I mean an utter, deranged mess. This can be a bit of a problem.

In my current game, I'm stuck. Not because of a room I cant beat, not because of a boss or something that kills me.

I'm stuck because of the MAP. I have just acquired the grav gun, and SOMEWHERE, there is a place to use it, to enter a new area. ....but I cant find this at all, and I've been staring at / roaming the map (as in, the actual map screen) for 20 minutes now. There are only three unopened doors in the entire massive place: 1 is green, so needs either missiles or super missiles, which I do not have. One is red, which is new to me, I have no idea what opens that, and the other one is the gray door that is always in the very first room of the game, which I assume is the final exit door. That's it. No more doors..... or so it seems. I've also looked for any "transition" rooms that I might have entered, yet not passed by, as that's going to inevitably be where I need to go. But no. Cant find one anywhere.

....but that doesnt mean that it doesnt exist. The map is such a disaster of blocks and lines everywhere, going to all sorts of zones, MANY of which are the same color as other zones (THREE green regions. Three. Two are the EXACT same shade, one is very slightly different almost maybe), that it's nigh impossible to single out much of anything, let alone find the one very specific spot I need to be at. The map, at current, looks like this: I.imgur.com which is as much as I could fit in one screenshot. An absolute disaster. And I'm not THAT far in. This is a "custom generator", with the rooms-per-item set to 6 instead of three, since 3 always seemed to produce overly short (and sometimes entirely empty) areas. The only other thing I can think of is that the game has put something important behind one of those "hidden" doors, and I sincerely hope that is not the case (because if it is, there's no point in continuing.... would have to start a new world). There's no way to find hidden doors without that "sight" item.

My suggestion is simple: On the map screen, add a key that can be pressed to make all unopened and unpassed doors start flashing, along with all of the "transition" rooms, or just those that have been entered and yet not passed. The transition rooms in particular are very important, but they look EXACTLY the same as many other rooms. Another addition might be a key that you can press that causes the map to ONLY display the region you're currently in, as well as any transition rooms that it directly connects to. These are very small additions that would be really dramatically helpful. Also, give boss rooms a marking of their own, otherwise they tend to look like large rooms that havent been fully explored.

EDIT: Ok, I've gone through absolutely every room very, very carefully and methodically, and can confirm that there simply is no unopened door that actually CAN be opened, and there is no transition room that I have not completely passed through. There's nothing left, nowhere to go. Does this mean that the generator glitched out? I'm gonna have to restart with a new world AGAIN, arent I..... 6th time in a row.

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Nov 2 2012 Anchor

Can you send me the world folder? I'm curious to try it out and see what broke.

The boss rooms had target icons on them, but they disappear the moment you kill the boss... which needs to be fixed.

I think the easiest solution would be to add an icon for transition rooms. I had this for the original Gentrieve. Unexplored doors on the map will not have a line coming from them to another room...

Nov 2 2012 Anchor

Aye, I can do that. ....where's the folder, though? I'm not finding it anywhere. Though me being the way I am I might be staring right at it and not noticing, hah.

As for the doors, I am aware the unopened ones will not have a line from them and all, but they can get a little lost in the clutter of the map when it gets huge, with doors and lines going every which way. It's easy to find "special" doors that havent been opened yet, but the normal blue ones can be hard to spot at times.

Nov 3 2012 Anchor

The folder should be in your home directory / Gentrieve 2 / World name

I've uploaded v1.7 which will highlight unopened doors at all times -- it should help!

Nov 4 2012 Anchor

Ok, here's the link to the download for the world:


No matter how many times I went over it, I could not find any unopened doors except for one green and one red door, and I dont have either missile type, or the laser thing, and couldnt find the transition rooms to the next areas.

Hope that helps, if there is indeed a glitch involved here.

Nov 4 2012 Anchor

OK, I will take a look!

EDIT: OK... this is weird. It looks like the missile path & boss room was never generated in your world. You should be going to the missile boss next, and *then* the green door (once you got the missiles). However, no missile boss exists. Did you create a custom game, or just did a random game? Which version of Gentrieve 2 was this world created on? If I try using the same seed (ZIlOFYhwgv), the missile room does get created (just using "Find Specific Generator")...

Nov 4 2012 Anchor

This was in the "custom generator" mode, with "rooms per item" set to 6 to make each region a bit larger. None of the items turned off.

I *think* this was created in 1.5.

Nov 4 2012 Anchor

I just ran that world and the missile path did get generated :/ The map also looks much bigger than the one that you generated, which is odd... I'm not sure what went wrong here, but I'm having trouble reproducing it with the latest version. However, it theoretically should have never happened in even v1.5... I'll keep poking at this.. I'm curious to see if you re-generated the same world, you'd see the same world but with the missile path now... :/

EDIT: If you re-create the same world now (after backing up your current one, if you want), and send me the re-generated world, I can analyze it to see if it got created OK.

Nov 5 2012 Anchor

Ok, I recreated the same world with the same settings in 1.7, here is the link to it:


As far as 1.7 goes, the changes to the map screen make it MUCH easier to read, particularly as it gets more and more cluttered. It really makes a huge difference on that aspect of the game.

Nov 5 2012 Anchor

Ha, I just noticed something that makes this much easier to test :)

If you look inside your first folder, notice that there are no "Missile" room files. However, in this latest v1.7 folder you sent me, all of the "Missile" room files are there. So, it looks like this problem may have resolved itself for some reason... :P

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