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Gentrieve 2 is a "Metroid"-style 3D action game featuring completely random & customizable worlds. The year is 3080. Mass Generators are creating everything, everywhere. However, thieves often steal Mass Generators in hopes of creating robot armies & fortresses. Thieves are terrible programmers, though, and their creations become uncontrollably hostile & fortresses wildly convoluted. It is your job to clear out these fortresses & return the faulty Mass Generators. Be warned, when the Mass Generator is taken offline, the fortress will soon implode!

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Dec 23 2012 Anchor

I've come across a room in which, I assume, I'm supposed to use the gravity beam to pick up two boxes and create a stepping stone bridge across a pit of spiked balls. The problem is that the ceiling in this room, particularly over the pit, is much too low to do anything, be it placing the boxes or actually jumping from one box to another. Is this one of the hazards of procedural generation? Or is it possible to make sure there aren't any low ceilings like this?

Dec 24 2012 Anchor

Actually, this is the same exact room you'll see every game, that you need the gravity gun in order to pass. Not an RNG thing. There are a few pre-set rooms like this in the game, which are the "gate" rooms (the ones that bar you from new areas till you have a specific item).

It's kind of an annoying room, but it's not as awful as it looks. You dont have to actually DROP the 2 boxes in there.... I usually launch them into it myself. If they dont end up in satisfactory spots, I just exit the room and re-enter. Once they're down roughly where I want them, it's not that difficult to cross, so long as I'm careful. It's much easier if you already have doublejump, but it's not necessary. Very important to save first though.

There's one other room like this that can be pretty obnoxious as well, which is the one for the grapple thing. Other than that, the "gate" rooms arent really trouble, so that's good.

Dec 24 2012 Anchor

For the gravity beam room I don't use jump at all really. I pick up the first box, throw it over, pick up the second box, jump up with it.

I then drop the second box, drop down onto it. Use gravity beam to pick up second box and drop it in front.

I then do a tiny jump onto the front box, turn around, pick up back box, drop it in front, repeat.

Once I'm to the far wall I jump out.

The only thing to be careful of is the box you pick up can knock the one you are standing on. Make sure you lift it over your head as you turn around or you can end up on the spikes.

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