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Gekkeiju Online: The Beginning is an MMORPG/VRMMORPG-hybrid where players all around the world assume roles of heroic fantasy characters in a gigantic new world that is being re-populated after a massive cataclysm. A World full of magic, mysteries and perils awaiting for brave adventurers. Virtual Reality-mode is powered by native Oculus Rift-support.

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World Bosses
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What incentives are there (or are planned) for killing world bosses?

And, if a group comes along and starts fighting the world boss but it's near it's despawn time, will the despawn time be postponed while they are fighting it?
Since it might be annoying if you come across a world boss that you want to kill and it disappears while you are trying to kill it so you have to wait ages for it to spawn again.

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Suvidriel Author

Probably they will despawn anyways and the event will fail. This same system will be used for example by invasion-events and such so the boss or invasion needs to be stopped before the enemy accomplishes their goal.

It's very likely that the remaining time will be shown in the GUI when near the event.

World bosses, especially the big ones, will have a chance to drop rare items and crafting materials. Also completion of the events should reward experience and reputation points - possibly also unlock certain achievements and titles.

Most of the big world bosses will be easy to time as their respawn delays stay static and begin from the point of respawn. Smaller bosses like this spider here will spawn more often.

The bigger events will also give somekinda warning a while before they start so nearby players will be able to alert others on chat channels etc. For example a possible monster invastion against Kyrt could very well have the city guard screaming about incoming attack all around the city 5-10 minutes before the event starts.

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Suvidriel Author

During the next alpha the events will show a warning message during the 10 last minutes - I hope to change that into GUI tracker eventually but that may take until the Unity-client.

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World Boss event support was added. It allows strong boss monsters to be automatically spawned every few hours at certain locations.

If the boss cannot be defeated in 15-30 minutes it will automatically disappear.

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