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Gekkeiju Online: The Beginning is an MMORPG/VRMMORPG-hybrid where players all around the world assume roles of heroic fantasy characters in a gigantic new world that is being re-populated after a massive cataclysm. A World full of magic, mysteries and perils awaiting for brave adventurers. Virtual Reality-mode is powered by native Oculus Rift-support.

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Unity Client
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So you are going with Unity rather than UE4?
Well, they'd both let you do some cool stuff easier than old Irrlicht :P

Like cloth physics :)

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Suvidriel Author

Yea, I already added cloth physics to the hair and cape, as well as the dynamic shadows to characters. Looks pretty neat so far. The better normal mapping support also allowed me to add 2 additional dye slots to items so outfits will have support for 3 colorable parts.

Unity 5 seems to be getting the most support from Oculus right now, and for me it seemed like the easiest way to port the client without much rewriting.

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3 colourable parts... Does that mean stuff like with the flower dress, being able to dye the main dress and the flowers to be whichever colours you want for both of them?

And cloth physics is pure awesome. I can hardly wait to see it in-game. "During next year" seems too long to me :D

Concerning Oculus Rift - fair enough.
Does Unity also support other headsets? Since UE4 seems to be trying to support as many as they can.
I don't really know much about current Unity :(
You're mainly supporting the Rift, so if Unity looks like it has better support for that one then it seems the way to go.

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Suvidriel Author

Yeah the dyes will be affecting different parts of outfit although they can also overlap which means that some outfits can even contain gradients between 2 of the color slots. Whether old outfits get additional color slots or not is not certain yet as it'll require quite a bit of extra work but new ones definitely will.

According to Unity's website they're planning on adding further native support, and I guess any VR headset maker would be foolish not to add support for it.

Sadly porting the client to a totally different language is never a quick process. Especially since Unity handles everything totally different - not in a bad way though.

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Gradients, I'm assuming through alpha blending from having dye parts going to transparent to show the dye underneath?

Hopefully Unity will get support for other VR headsets in a way that means that you as a developer only have to develop for one to have it work with all of them.

And yeah - I've ported a couple things before, and it's hard enough even without a language change.
Unity lets you use C# and ECMAScript though, both of which I enjoy programming in, so maybe I'll have a look at it again at some point.

I hope you enjoy using Unity and make good progress with the game.

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The game is currently being ported to Unity in order to keep supporting virtual reality as well as to add better graphical effects.

The Unity Client will likely catch up with the current version during next year at which point it'll replace the other one.

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