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Gavin's Quest is a retro style hack and slash indie game in which you lead our hero Gavin into Black Mountain. Black Mountain was once controlled by the dwarves who mined it for it's rich deposits of gold and other metals. The orcs though worshipped the mountain and attacked the dwarves living there. All the dwarves of the mine were slain except one who escaped. When the lone survivor returned his peers shamed him for being a coward and not staying to fight. So he kept the secret of an entrance into the mountain in his family with the hope that someday his kin would reclaim the mountain and remove the shame to his family name. Game play is very simple you take your hero into the mountain and take on the orcs that live there. You must unravel runes in order to unlock vaults that contain items and gold which will help you along the way. The items get better the deeper into the mountain but the orcs get more numerous and tougher the further in you go.

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alucard1111421254524 says

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Game is rather good as hack and slash. Reminds me Diablo 1 and Dink Smalwood(graphics). Simple but addictive.


rolejn says

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If you like beer drinking, axes swinging and big birded dwarves - there is the game that you should try. Main hero - young and brave dwarv Gavin starts on the mission to reclaim once lost gold bearing mines. And it won't be easy task. Hordes of vicious green abominations (also known as orcs) are just waiting to chop young Gavin head. But he will just grip harder his faithful battle-ax and world will sink in blood of anyone who stand in his the way to get treasures of ancient dwarves' kingdom.
Game itself is simple but fun hack'n'slash. Where you are wondering through woods, mountains and mines killing different creatures and collecting gold. Except ax, hammer and bow you can also do some magic. There are also some runes to decrypt and other dwarves to talk to. But mainly you just have to kill almost everything what you see around.

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