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Gavin's Quest is a retro style hack and slash indie game in which you lead our hero Gavin into Black Mountain. Black Mountain was once controlled by the dwarves who mined it for it's rich deposits of gold and other metals. The orcs though worshipped the mountain and attacked the dwarves living there. All the dwarves of the mine were slain except one who escaped. When the lone survivor returned his peers shamed him for being a coward and not staying to fight. So he kept the secret of an entrance into the mountain in his family with the hope that someday his kin would reclaim the mountain and remove the shame to his family name. Game play is very simple you take your hero into the mountain and take on the orcs that live there. You must unravel runes in order to unlock vaults that contain items and gold which will help you along the way. The items get better the deeper into the mountain but the orcs get more numerous and tougher the further in you go.

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Summer is here but that doesn't mean that work has halted at Below Zero Games. In fact I have made some great progress of late thanks to the help of some great people.

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It's been a while since the first demo was released at the time the game was pretty far along but yet it seemed quite incomplete. I needed to put something out there for people to try and get an idea where this game was going.

For the most part the games levels and mechanics are pretty much done but the game needed some things so I brought in some help to bring the game along better. The result has been some new combat options for the main character. Early in the game Gavin is quite vulnerable to missile attacks so now by pressing the "B" key Gavin will hold his shield up the way he is facing and block incoming arrows. Also added was a new charge attack by holding down the "C" key Gavin will speed up and wave his axe this will cause the goblins to flee the opposite way. This option is most effective early in the game.

The tutorial was a point of concern as well as there were some mistakes and more explanation of the games controls were needed so more work was done to address this.

I also have been back modeling more varieties of enemies with different abilities to add more depth to the gameplay. This has led to more battle testing of levels which is always fun.

A real nice improvement has been the new start screen courtesy of the talented artist Elaine Dore'. The start screen was given a once over with new buttons and twitter button options.

It is summer here in Alberta so I do like to spend lots of time outside when I get the chance so progress can be a bit slow at times. I also find that taking breaks in development that I come out of them with fresh ideas and more motivation.

I have been blogging quite a bit of late as I have a blog over at Belowzerogames.tumblr.com

Work is still continuing on the game and more updates are likely to happen for the demo so be sure to track the game as a member here on IndieDB and don't forget to follow me on my Twitter @belowzerogames.

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