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Gavin's Quest is a retro style hack and slash indie game in which you lead our hero Gavin into Black Mountain. Black Mountain was once controlled by the dwarves who mined it for it's rich deposits of gold and other metals. The orcs though worshipped the mountain and attacked the dwarves living there. All the dwarves of the mine were slain except one who escaped. When the lone survivor returned his peers shamed him for being a coward and not staying to fight. So he kept the secret of an entrance into the mountain in his family with the hope that someday his kin would reclaim the mountain and remove the shame to his family name. Game play is very simple you take your hero into the mountain and take on the orcs that live there. You must unravel runes in order to unlock vaults that contain items and gold which will help you along the way. The items get better the deeper into the mountain but the orcs get more numerous and tougher the further in you go.

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It has been a while since I posted an update on Gavin's Quest. I have been working on other games the last year but Gavin's Quest remains my most popular game and it still has some room for improvement. The first major change I made with the game is now the game is played full screen 100% with no dialogue pop up boxes on the rune solving part or the game. The other improvement I have been working on is to improve the game by adding game control support to the game.

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Last summer I finished Ronny Runs Around Robots a robot shooting game and I had a break in development of other projects. I turned my attention to Gavin's Quest and I really wanted to make some good improvements to the game.

The first thing I worked on was making the game full screen 100% and that meant I had to get the lighting elements working 100% when transitioning from rune solving and back to combat. I spent a better part of a couple weeks just to get the game to work between the transitions alone.

Then the fun part was to get the rune solving element to not have the annoying popup windows. Now one can solve the puzzles by entering your guess in the dialogue by the rune.


The next thing I worked on was adding game control support for the game. Gavin's Quest has spell casting , switching weapons and archery skills. Putting all these elements to work on the game controller took some work and I'm pleased to have that all working good.

Using your Xbox 360 controller and or Gravis game controller one can make Gavin move using the game pad buttons. Shooting an arrow is simply done by using right shoulder button. The top right shoulder button when held during moving is charge. The left shoulder button is block.

The "A" and "B" buttons switch Gavin between axe and hammer. The "X" key casts the heal spell if you have the scroll. This is the most used spell in the game. The "Y" key when pressed brings up the rest of the spells. You scroll through them using the bottom right shoulder button and cast the chosen spell with the top shoulder button.


All these improvements make Gavin's Quest a much better game. I am taking the next while to spend promoting my games as I usually like to take the summer off from programming. The demo has been updated recently as well the game is on a bundle sale for the summer along with my other big games.

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