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Game The Game 3 is a run and gun shooter, got 3 chapters full of action, got voice acted cutscenes and overall its easy and relaxing game :D Its the biggest and bestest game I've ever created on Fps Creator :)

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Serygala says

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Game the Game 3 the video game review: Pro gamer e-sports edition.

Okay, since game the game as a whole defies any ordinary review structure, I decided to just make a list of observations.

* The levels are impressive in size, enemy count and scope. How you managed to cram all this in a a single fpsc game while the lightmapper crashed on me every damn time I tried to lightmap my simple apartment level for AP2 is beyond me.
In fact, I will ask about that later.

* The modifications to the MP5 weapons are cool, however, using the default zoom and hurt sound effect is a mortal sin... unfortunately, some guns sound kinda ***, like the high pitch slide sound for the deagle and the fire sound for the
P90 and the AK.

* Zombies have different death animations which is cool.
* The trap music in the bunker level is ******* great!!

* There is a significant amount of models in this game, especially vehicles that are so damn ugly that I have to make a note of it. Seriously, some of these need to either be retextured or retired.

* The Area51 level is the first in the game but also the worst. There is a significant uptick in quality as the game goes on which is odd. :slight_smile: The A51 level is ugly as sin and somewhat boring. It also feels a lot more ******** than the rest of the game. Its just really the low point of the entire game. Luckily the subsequent levels are way better in both gameplay and look.

* The cutscenes are so ******* terrible that you can't help but watch them. They feel like a blend of a kid playing with action figures and early 2000s teenagers machinima attempts.

* I think this would have been far cooler if you asked us community members to record some enemy lines for you. As it is, you record all of them which gets grading as the game goes on. Even though they will eventually get funnier.
* The line about you killing all his "twin brothers" is a neat jab at how FPS games in general have repeating enemy models and then there is this part where they yell "kill him with the barrel". Many years ago I had a city interactive game, that was supposed to have a somewhat serious tone, where a barrel is also rolled at you and the guy on the radio goes "Barrel, look out bro, they go booom!" :P

* Speaking of city interactive... the jungle levels straight up look like earlier city interactive games which was impressive enough.

* The little scripted sequences are cool. Don't get me wrong, some are really creative and I like the build engine like stacking explosion effects...except for the cars, these are just awkward. The **** monster was a highlight though!

* Its a bit monotonous with all the human enemies having the same death SFX. You could have made like 3 variations for the sake of it there.

* Monsters are varied and interesting enough, even though the explosion eye monsters went on my nerves :P

* I think the difficulty was perfect for this type of game. Thematically it would have broken the flow and also the fun if you died in this type of game.

* I knew when I saw that ferrari in the villa that the player is gonna take it at the end. :slight_smile:
* 8000 Pesos ************!

* This makes me wanna see a slightly more serious project from you, I hope you'll consider it one day.

* The humour in this was so juvenile and stupid that I chuckled at some of it. It was just the perfect storm of complete *** that kinda took me back to hanging with my friends when I was like 13. Good times :P

* this is the first fpsc game of this length that never crashed.

In conclusion: Game the game 3 is so bad its good, but if you enjoy fpsc, a lot of it is also great. Its a great bad good game... and at times feels like a **** take on the fps genre from the 2000s era. I'm glad I tried it and I finished it in one sitting.


cambreaKer says

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great level design, good combat, and amazing emotional cutscenes and voice acting make this game another contender for game of the year 2020.


andrea89 says

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