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Economic based 3x with some features never seen in 4x games. Galaxy Union places you in a densely populated galaxy as a CEO of a corporation with a mission to unite the galaxy under your rule. Colonize systems, build colonies, research stations, become rich and commission fleets that will conquer the galaxy. This is a turn based 4x game, includes a global market with fluctuating prices, real life minerals and gases. It departs from the regular notion of only having a handful of opponent players and puts you in a galaxy where dozens and sometime up to a hundred AI players are competing with you. The game is deep enough for a seasoned player and quick enough for a casual player. It features a full 3D galactic map and a 3D system view, also it's a "3x that fits into a 2MB zip file" so you can take it with you wherever you go.

RSS Galaxy Union Mod Tool on Desura

World Tree is a MOD tool for Galaxy Union that enables you to tweak the game to your wants. It is now available on Desura as one of the associated file downloads.

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World Tree was used during development of Galaxy Union, most if not all entities that are present in the game were created with this MOD tool. Galaxy Union should adjust to most modifications of the World Tree XML file, however not everything in the game is dynamic and so some concepts can not be changed. If you wish to tinker with the world tree file, please be gentle as the MOD tool is not supported. Advice is to start by changing item values and then move onto more complex modifications. Enjoy :)

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