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Galactic Merchant is sci-fi business simulator (aka space tycoon game). Starting from small startup with single cargo ship you can grow your company to intergalactic monopoly.

To do so, you could trade, prospect, produce goods, smuggle, rob, give bribes, engage in politics, save lives and use many other options.

During the game you will learn many economical concepts and built-in calculation sheet will help you to use them in practice.

Make business in galaxy-wide economic system

Each planet is unique market and all of the markets are interdependent.

All of them are influenced by your decisions, actions of other market players as well as events, which happen all the time.

The economic conditions are dynamic and you have to adapt in order to be profitable.

Manage your company

You can achieve your strategic goals by growing company assets: ships, factories and personnel.

Not always more means simply better - with upgrades you can get better margins on your trades and make a good profit even on lower trade volume.

At some point your company may be too big to mange by yourself alone. In such case you can hire managers and directors to run parts of your company on your behalf. However, you still bear responsibility for company and you need to evaluate your leadership team and make changes to keep up to speed.

Still want more?

At the moment you become intergalactic corporation you will be able to acquire other companies to grow even faster.

Plan your investments and cut costs

There are multiple options for you to make profit over time.

You need to balance short-term and long-term strategies. What brings money now, may have bad consequences in future.

Sometimes you have to spend money at present to get profit in several quarters ahead.

Make profit

To help you explore different options there is fully functional calculation sheet to aid your decisions.

There is also comprehensive help, which will help you to sharpen your economic skills and apply them in practice.

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Galactic Merchant is coming to IndieDB and we would like to tell few words about the project as form of introduction.

cover 460x215v2

Galactic Merchant is a business simulator game, which takes place in future where humanity has colonized several star systems. Planets differ with respect to economic condition and profits could be made by interplanetary trades as well as producing goods locally and selling to other markets.

Player takes role for entrepreneur, who starts with single cargo ship, but can develop its company to large intergalactic corporation. Besides financial and organizational challenges, player will be facing different events - there is a story that player could be a part of.

Here are several screenshots from the game, which should give you some idea about it




I hope you will like the project and if you would like to learn full details you could visit our Steam page. The project is being actively developed at the moment, so it is good opportunity for you to provide some feedback.

Kind regards,

Galactic Merchant team

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