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Deep underground lies a reminder of Boarkind’s darkest hours. All it takes is one little boar to dig it back up. A block puzzler with an exploratory twist, Full Bore throws the player into an open world filled with crumbling mines, arcane ruins, and technological wonders with only curiosity to lead the way. This world is packed to the brim with secrets and hidden rooms, because when everything is made of blocks, puzzles could be anywhere.

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I'm a little bit in love with this game.
It's kind of like a dig dug/sokoban/metroidvania hybrid in terms of game play. The puzzles range from brain tickling to totally fiendish, though the really tough puzzles are all in optional side areas.
There's tons to explore, but a detailed map and teleport system prevent this from becoming tedious.
Death/getting stuck isn't really an issue - it does happen (frequently in some puzzles), but checkpoints are really generously spread out, so it won't really affect your progress.
All in all, it flows really, really well.

Also, I love love love the art. SO MUCH. The animations are consistently hilarious/adorable/awesome. You can really feel the love that's gone into creating the world.

I won't go into depth about the story, but it's really engaging so far, without getting in the way of the game play.

It's not perfect - it's occasionally too easy to over shoot when digging (imho), the music gets a tad repetitive (although what's there is good), and I'd love it if the teleports were labelled, but it's still a phenomenal game.

Love <3

Bought this game today. I'm really enjoying it. The open world is quite expansive and interesting to explore and the puzzles are tricky. It's not a fast paced game, but more slow paced and after Spelunky, Dustforce, and Escape Goat, the more methodical flow is nice. It gives you more time to appreciate the art style. I definitely recommend this game and can't wait to see what new stuff is added in the second half


This is an exploring and block puzzle game that I like very much. The world is big and gives you some freedom, you go around finding new places and puzzles and improving your solving skills. Instead of being the typical block puzzle game it has something of a platformer and an adventure game with a story to uncover. Visuals are beautiful with a colorful style, animations are sweet, music and sounds round it.

Very good platformer :)


Took me days and days of obsessed gaming sessions to 100% the first part, hindering my social life a bit. One of the best games of the puzzle genre I've played, and I've played a lot. Can't wait for the second chapter to come out.

Sprites and animation are brilliant, SFX is well made, music is good enough to listen to outside of the game, really. Couldn't imagine better mechanics.

And the pig... Frederick the pig is my number one candidate for the Cloven Hoofed Protagonist Of All Time. Seriously. :)

Learning curve is well balanced, some puzzles are astonishingly tricky and require out of the box thinking. Not really frustrating (i.e. no ragequits), but keeping your mind slightly obsessed about a puzzle you cannot solve. And when you finally do, it feels very rewarding. Great game.

tl;dr: BUY!!!


Doesn't draw me in, I hate the controls and how limited the boar can move.

The flashy graphics aren't easy on the eyes. Having these crass light sources within the dark environment was a bad choice, and no considerate game designer should have done this.

Sadly gameplay isn't as clever as expected. Level designs are mundane and puzzle solutions are predictable.
The game doesn't stress your brain, but your patience, it is quite the bore.
Several elements were borrowed from older games, but the execution is inferior.
Virtually nothing new has been established here.

To be serious this game isn't worth more than 1.50$
The experience was on par with freeware flash games.


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