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Welcome to Fruit Factory!

Fruit Factory is a physics-based puzzle game where you build the missing pieces of a factory to sort and deliver endless fruit!

Fruit Factory contains 4 different worlds, each with their own unique puzzles and challenges. With over 40 exciting levels, the possibilities are endless on how you build the factory! Choose from different machines to move, bounce, and sort the fruit that will be, quite literally, thrown your way! Each machine and fruit comes with its own super unique and silly mechanics!

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Fruit Factory is a silly physics based puzzle game about using industrial machines to sort fruit. I have a pretty normal habit of testing out game prototype ideas on Friday nights (last week I made a rage game called ABCDEF where you control a cube by pressing a different key for each side).

One of those prototypes was from 2 years ago really was just a stupid way to learn about Unity physics...

However about 3 months ago we decided to try to get serious and evolve this game into a finished product. We tightened up the game play and physics a lot, and ended up with a puzzle game about using limited space to sort, clean, bounce, box, and deliver fruit.

This week we finished up 30+ levels and a trailer and put the game on steam! I am super proud of getting this game into its current state, over the last few months we worked through 162 trello cards, and I learned a lot about what it takes to finish a project (Lesson Learned: GUI and Steam/PR/Trailer stuff takes freakin forever). If you are interested at all in the game it would be awesome if you could help us out with a wishlist on steam!

Since the game is puzzle based we are trying to be extra careful to get the difficulty curve right. It is surprisingly hard since most good puzzles are very easy once you figure out the "trick" to it. This made it hard to get a good handle on the difficulty curve. From now until the release we are running a beta so please DM us if you are interested in a free steam key for testing! We just ask that you fill out a google form to give us a little feedback.

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