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Frozen state is a game about adversities of existence and surviving in the dilapidated, Siberian city Duga 40. The city, where an extraterrestrial parasite has obliterated the population, causing infected people to become vicious alien hybrids.

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An alternative universe where mankind had made huge technological breakthroughs in many areas of life and science, during 1930s. The cause of this tremendous leap was something that Soviet science expedition discovered at the place of Tunguska Event. The wreckage of a spaceship and its cargo.

Sky gave humans an unexpected present which spurred their technological progress. Micro-electronics, the first computers, robotics, nuclear fusion, the development of laser systems and wireless communication.

However, every medal has a reverse side. Humankind were playing with "fire" and violently burnt itself. An unknown form of life was found in the on of those artefacts, a tiny endospore which were deadly dangerous for any living creature. It broke out from the laboratories' walls and infected 70% of the earth population. The parasite adapts and transforms human's body to its own needs, turning its victims into vicious monsters, hybrids.


We want to build our game based on the three pillars: exploration, terrifying atmosphere and replayability. Make it in a way that whenever you start a new game you can discover some new bits of the story, locations, weapons and so on.

You'll be able to choose and play for one of three main protagonists, who struggle to survive in a hostile environment of a bombed out secret city. Each of the characters has it's own unique history, set of default abilities supplemented by random perks which will have significant influence of the gameplay.

Hide, scavenge, discover and kill or be killed.


  • Sandbox world of frozen Siberia - setup your own aims and goals, whether you want just survive and make it as long as possible or will try to accomplish some quests to get deeper into the world's story.
  • Interactive environment - things that you do might effect on the world, in other words your actions will trig semi random events, like open and close areas/doors/quests etc. Every time you start new game, you will discover something new. For example you have two doors ( "A" and "B") in front of you, if you choose door "A", you might never get beyond door "B", or may find a clue how to open that locked door.
  • Cold climate - very important part of the gameplay is temperature. You will have to looking for a shelter, warmer clothes and things which prevent from frozen bite. How far will you go from the warmth of your temporary shelter to get supplies?
  • Post apocalyptic setting of Soviet Union in an alternative universe - the dark and terrifying world with a pinch of retro stylisation
  • Vehicles - find and fix a car to travel longer distance without getting cold.
  • Tactical fighting system - this is still a bit fuzzy, though we'd like to add some tactics in the gameplay. Pause the game, choose which part of the body to shoot, because one prices shot can deal more damage and far less noise.
  • Permanent Death - if you character dies, it means you lose all your progress, no saves or checkpoints , so be careful.

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