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From Bum to King is a 2D RPG where you begin as a simple beggar who decides to become a king in the fictional Middle Ages during a spreading curse. It's up to you to decide what to do and where to go to achieve your goals.

  • Create factories, towns, and kingdoms.
  • Build relationships with other people, fight enemies on the battlefield.
  • Collect and sell trophies. Hire warriors and buy titles.
  • Create a family, continue to play as an heir after your character dies.
  • Install artificial limbs.
  • Explore dungeons, find valuable artifacts and treasures.
  • Travel and make decisions.

For example, playing as the king's brother, raise an army, kill him, and receive the royal title by right of succession.
Or seduce his wife. Continue the game for the child born and get the crown after unsuspecting brother.
You can get a job and earn a certain amount of money, then build a factory, get an income, and buy a title.
Then build your own city, declare yourself king, and go to capture other towns.
As an alternative, engage in begging, use the money to install artificial limbs, and go to seduce the queen in this guise.

Take part in battles and win personally by fighting in the front lines. Swords, axes, bows, pistols, and arquebuses are yours for the taking. Recruit fighters for your side and troops for your home and town garrisons. Gain rich spoils of war and lord your will over the vanquished.

  • Towns and Kingdoms

    Open a factory and produce goods. Build a new town and collect taxes from other characters. Create your kingdom and compete with other rulers for world domination.
  • Relationships

    Enemies will try to get to you or your family. Friends will support you in a difficult situation. Build relationships with characters however you like. Execute, torture, show mercy, trade, insult and, of course, wiggle your eyebrows.
  • Dynasty

    Create a unique character in the built-in editor. Find a loving partner and create your own family. Children will take on the traits and characteristics of their parents. After the death of the main character, the game will continue for the heir.
  • Artificial Limbs

    Wooden arms and steel jaws are commonplace in this world. Replace body parts with artificial ones to become stronger.
  • World

    A completely open world and freedom of action. There is a terrible curse hanging over the world - Tlen. You are not limited in the ways of achieving your goals. Every journey is unique. Embark on adventures full of battles, dangers, plots, and chance encounters.
  • Dungeons

    Perilous dungeons, dark caves and hidden lairs are located all over the world. Deadly traps, fearsome enemies and rare treasures await you.
  • Jobs and Tasks

    Do tasks, play musical instruments, trade your own body, or beg. All means are good on the way to the royal throne.
  • Titles

    With each new title, you gain more respect and the right to own factories and towns. Your army, the size of your inventory, and your luck increases to help you reach your goals.
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Feature Customization


Character features (traits)

So, today we have an important topic - character traits. How successful the character is in certain game events, checks and battles will largely depend on them.
"Strong", "Hardy", "Seducer", "Midget" - these are all features. And yes, a strong, hardy midget-seducer may well be found in this world.
Most of the features change the attributes of the character. As soon as a character loses a trait, he loses attributes as well.
The main idea is that we do not manually edit attributes, we get the features and this changes attributes. Traits can have a duration, after which they disappear by themselves. And maybe for his whole life.
A special kind of feature is disease. They reduce attributes, last for a while and then pass. In addition, fatal diseases can kill a character.

You can customize the features manually only for the first character - the ancestor of the dynasty. Each feature has its own value in points. The sum of points cannot be below zero. So, if you want to take a few "good" features, you will have to take a few "bad" ones. The number of features when creating is 4, during the game - unlimited. Or you can just press the "Random" button and enjoy the created character :-)
But children inherit both attributes and traits. While there is an accident here, an enduring character does not necessarily have enduring children.

Feature screen 1

Feature screen 2

Feature screen 3

Friends, this is a very broad topic, and we will return to it in the future.
Thank you for your attention, ask questions, subscribe and add to your Wishlist on Steam

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Portrait customization

Portrait customization


This is the basic information about the character's face and portrait.

Map Generation

Map Generation


I want to tell you much information about world generation in the game "From Bum to King".

The new gameplay trailer

The new gameplay trailer


Hello, friends. I finally remake "From Bum to King" trailer. It was long difficult way, but it's done!

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