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Monsters! Mayhem! Imaginary friends do nightly battle for the favour of their creator! Who will endure? What will be left of them? Come with us as we venture into the mind of young Timmy Bibble in... TIMMY BIBBLE'S FRIENDSHIP CLUB!

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Hi everyone. We totally forgot it's a bank holiday weekend, and we're at Insomnia 54 right now, but nevermind that, we have a new release for you! What's in this release you ask? Well there's actually a ton of stuff!

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Hi everyone. We totally forgot it's a bank holiday weekend, and we're at Insomnia 54 right now, but never mind that, we have a new release for you!

What's in this release you ask? Well there's actually a ton of stuff!

Advanced Modifiers fixed!

First up, we've fixed all of the accidentally-broken advanced modifiers. Relaxed play now works, target now works, the timer now works. This means we've been able to re-introduce Bully Mode, which was removed from recent builds. We've also added descriptions to the modifiers so you know what the heck they do!

Relaxed play might be my favourite...

Keyboard & Mouse controls!

Secondly, keyboard controls! We've implemented keyboard controls on WASD and mouse so even if you only have one controller you can still play with a friend. If you have two controllers, now three of you can play. (Maybe we'll even let you have FIVE players at some point...)

New game mode: Criss-cross!

Third on the list is a brand new game mode straight from the recipe book -- Criss-cross! Criss-cross is best played with four players, free-for-all or 2 vs 2. You start with no ammo at all, and so have to run to each other's rugs to charge your gun. This results in conflict areas as players cross paths. It's super fun - give it a try!

Character Select updated!

The final change is only a small one. The Character Select screen has been slightly adjusted so that players are more likely to run over other each other's rugs. This allows us to remove that little bit of text that explicitly tells players to do so, and as a result makes the game a more accurate realisation of Timmy's dream world. We've also moved the hats into the tooltips as the "A" and "B" were completely pointless - whoops!

New Character Select layout.

We've also been working on other stuff, but we didn't have time to implement it. There were some other little fixes and additions too, but there are (as always) too many to note. If you really want to know, the full changelog below contains all the secrets.

Let us know what you think on Twitter, Facebook or here on IndieDB. Until next time, stay friendly everyone!

- Ashley

Greetings from Insomnia.

Full Changelog:


  • Started some LAN/online multiplayer code to "test the waters".
  • Changed Last Man Standing modifier to "Last Friend Standing"
  • Added descriptions to all Advanced Modifiers.
  • Added keyboard & mouse controls to the game. This helps people play who only have one controller!
  • Moved debug keys away from WASD so they don't accidentally activate. (Windows only).
  • Fixed bug where hitting LB to get to Advanced Modifiers during a menu transition made the screen get stuck offscreen.
  • Added "Criss-cross" game mode!
  • Fixed "relaxed play" advanced modifier.
  • Fixed "target" and "timer" advanced modifiers, and re-added bully mode.
  • New head/rug positions on character select.
  • New display position for team hats on character select - they've been put in the tooltips.
  • "New Custom Mode" added to mode select.
  • Hidden text labels for good on the mode select screen. It makes more sense to do so now that the "new custom mode" option is in.
  • Fixed a bug where right triggers weren't working on wireless Xbox 360 controllers.
  • Added "impact" effect that triggers when players die.

Art & Animation:

  • Generic armour for testing.
  • Different armour for each character! It's so pretty (and wacky). Ooooooh.
  • New player death pop animation created and implemented.
  • New player headbutt rebound spark animation created.
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