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Frazzle Dazzle is an exploration platformer with a colorful and cartoony aesthetic. In the game, you play as Daisy Dazzle and all of your friends are having bad hair days, so you set out to fix their hair with your trusty blowdryer. You use your blowdryer to attack enemies and navigate levels by using it to hover and remove obstacles like melting ice blocks. This game was originally created for Ludum Dare 32 as a jam entry and is being expanded into a larger game.

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Artwork Overhaul!


I went through the process last week of updating all of my environment artwork (tilesets and backgrounds) because everything that had been there was made very quickly and there wasn't much to it. During this process, I thought that I really needed to set a tone for this game and what it should look like. I decided to take influence from Kirby's Adventure, which has been one of my favorite games growing up and still remains one of my favorite games. I especially loved the art and style that game had and I wanted to emulate it. This work isn't an exact clone of that and I'll be taking my own spin on things of course, but I thought it was a good influence.

Below is a video as well as a set of images showcasing all of the new artwork. I'd love get feedback on these updates and hear any thoughts you have on it!

I made a video of me playing through the game with all of the updated artwork.

And of course, here are several screenshots of the updated artwork as well:





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