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Forsaken Uprising is what we like to call a MMFPSG Multi-player medieval first person(3d world) survival game. We have captured what you would expect in a game like chivalry or war of the roses and mashed it with the survival and building you would see in rust and dayz. You will be able to build castles piece by piece anywhere you like, in a persistent world. Combat will require aim and strategy with all the excitement and immersion being in a first person perspective adds. You will be able to craft tons of armor/weapons/and catapults. Catapults are expensive but can be used by players anywhere they like to rain fiery balls of doom on the lands and castles. Don't just survive flourish, design your castle to surround your farms and livestock. Grow food and herbs in your farms to keep you alive in and out of combat. Of course if someone tries to harass you while your doing this,you can always go outside kill them then pick up their corpse and place it on your castle wall.

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