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  • Several heroes to play, which represent different tactics to follow
  • Each hero has unique skills that will help to fight through hordes of undead
  • A casual turn-based yet tactical gameplay that needs a correct decision-making
  • Properly make your way: collect items that increase the hero’s survivability, choose the better path to avoid unnecessary danger, and be ready to face the Lord of the ‘Forgotten Proto.World’
  • One more run: if you lose try again, that is all – discover the heroes’ strengths to succeed. You can’t be ready for anything, because every ending is the new beginning
  • No step back! You can’t go back because heroes don’t behave like that, keep it in mind!
  • Play with only a keyboard or only a mouse
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Hello everyone!

Forrader Hero – turn-based casual game with roguelike elements where heroes can’t step back and must fight through the end hordes of monsters, undead creatures, and their overlords.

Main features briefly:

Casual: the suitable game to play between sessions of your favorite online or AAA game. The [winning] run can take up to 30-40 minutes.

Turn-based: take your time for the next step, no need to rush!

Roguelike elements: each run will be somewhat unique – enemies, equipment, and your loot in the chests are procedurally generated. Progress through the game and unlock new heroes with an even different approach to the game. Also, don’t be afraid to lose: losing is the new winning!

Here is a small giveaway (5 keys)


Please try the game and leave feedback or Steam review if you liked the game.

Thanks, everyone! Stay safe and play indie games!

Forrader Hero Content Update #1

Forrader Hero Content Update #1


New Content Update #1. This update is a part of the current roadmap of updates during the Early Access state, featuring new heroes and a new level.

Forrader Hero in Early Access. Available now!

Forrader Hero in Early Access. Available now!


Forrader Hero has launched in Early Access today: it’s playable with the content of 3 heroes and two different stages.

Forrader Hero - new game in development!

Forrader Hero - new game in development!


Forrader Hero is a somewhat casual yet tactical turn-based roguelike dungeon crawler where fantasy heroes can’t step back and must fight through the...

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