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FlyShootTrade is a Shmup RPG where the player fires procedurally generated weapons at procedurally generated enemies in procedurally generated levels in order to travel between procedurally generated planets (which house procedurally generated shops holding the aforementioned weapons,) in a procedurally generated galaxy. You fly, you shoot, and you trade. Simple stuff. At present, FST is deep in Alpha while both features and content are added.


After an amount of time only able to be described as "some time," the first public build of FlyShootTrade is now available! It's here! On this download page! It works on a Windows PC should theoretically work on a Mac!

FlyShootTrade Alpha.01
IAmBigCoat Author

There was a teeny-tiny error with one of the enemy aim styles. It didn't work. Forgot to take out a line of code from testing earlier. Whoops.

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