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FLASH! is a creepy platformer created by I, Nikc-Nack. And the assistance of a friend of mine, Electron. The game currently is in a WIP stage, but I plan to release it before the end of the year. It is being created in Game Maker 8, and has two stable builds avalible. Everything in this game is being made completely from scratch, music, sprite, ect. Hopefully this game will be very large in the end. I currently have only 27 levels avalible. But by the end I intend to have at least a hundred good levels. One key thing to this game is that it is going to be very hard. And unlike other "hard" games, this one will achieve that goal without being glitchy!

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Laides and gentleman, I would like to introduce to you 'Boom boom fishing', I've been working hard on this game for a few months and I feel it's in a playable state. I'm releasing first on Stencyl on the hope to gather some feedback ready for a final release by the end of the year!

Play it right here: Stencyl.com

Introduction:Bombs, Gems, Lasers, looting, Invaders from space and gambling; all in days fishing!

You are captain and commander of the ship 'Ages'. Fitted with a cannon and with full air support on hand your goal is simple, blast the little fishy's out the water and collect the loot!

How to play:Move your boat left and right. ('A' and 'D')Fire your cannon so that your bombs land in front of the passing fish. ('Spacebar')Build up 'kill chains' by killing fish without missing.Call in air support to help blast them out of the water. ('Enter')Use the slot machine to win perks.

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Play it right here: Stencyl.com

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