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In this underwater puzzle game you control fish secret agents Max Flounder and Tina Guppy. Seemingly a common case turns into a tough fight with a mysterious enemy and the strings appear to lead pretty high.

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CMDKeen says

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Awesome puzzle game, a must have for anyone who knows how to use that organ called brain.


BuBBleS_CZE says

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great puzzle game, very challenging


treefrog78 says

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This is a truly excellent block-pushing puzzle game. It's got a good degree of variety across the levels, with up to 8 controllable characters. Full of those moments where you go, "why didn't I think of that before" after spending hours struggling through a puzzle.
The game provides sensible tools to help you as well, with infinite-depth undo and multiple save states, so you never feel cheated.
It's also surprisingly funny, with an excellent script and some very good voice acting.
As for negatives, so long as you like challenging puzzle games there aren't really many. It can start to grate when you hear the same line (however well delivered) for the twentieth time when you have to keep restarting difficult levels, but that's about all I can think of.
It's also a marked improvement on the first Fish Fillets game, but I guess not many people have played that.

If you like puzzle games, then buy it!


ota says

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