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In a world where matter can transform into light and light can transform into matter. You control a creature called a "Vibe". Luckily, the creatures of this world seem to like playing a competitive game, a 2vs2 capture the Flag game called Capture the Ray. In this game mode, both teams spawn at the top of the level facing each other. They have to fight for one flag called the "Ray" which is located at the bottom of the level. Capture the Ray, then bring it back to the team's goal located just below the spawn to win the game.

Firing Vibes is one of the multiplayer FPS with the more verticality. There is in fact more vertical than horizontal space. To navigate this world the creatures you play, the Vibes, have natural climbing abilities which help them to climb just about everywhere. They can also dynamically modify the terrain by adding or removing cubes which have special attributes. They can even modify themselves by changing their size which will bring them advantages or drawbacks.

What makes Firing Vibes unique are its different gameplay elements synergizing with one another to create a game with a lot of depth. When you shoot a melody, each note deals a specific amount of damage. The damage pattern of one melody alone can bring a lot more variety than a firearm shooting at a constant rate with constant damage. When you put this mechanic together with cubes placed on the map that can have a varying amount of health, it increases the possibilities. With modular character components that also vary in health, possibilities increase again. Synergies also exist between the climbing ability and the cubes you spawn to help you move through the level. Or between your modular character's state and the way you can spawn cubes. All these intricacies aim to create a competitive game where you can start easily with the basics of shooting and climbing. Then improve gradually and learn to use all the tools this game offers to try to reach an almost infinite skill ceiling.


  • 2 vs 2 Online Multiplayer
  • Shoot with music - Your only weapons are music based lasers.
  • Create news pathways - Spawning or destroying cubes helps you to move through the level in new and interesting ways.
  • Climb everywhere - Your climbing ability combined with the cubes you can place make you free to go about everywhere you want.
  • Be "reborn" - When you first launch the game, your Vibe borns (the "Vibe" is the name of the one character you play). As with every birth, your Vibe will be given a name that will identify you. This name will be attributed based on the number of Vibes already borned and will be UNIQUE to you. Your Vibe will be the only one with this name in the entire game. There will be more infos about this feature in the Discord server.
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Firing Vibes

Hey IndieDB!

This weekend as well as the next two weekends Firing Vibes is on Open Beta on Steam!

And with the new Steam feature you don't need any keys, Just click on "Request access" on the Steam Page and the Beta Version of the game will be added to your steam library.

request access

Firing Vibes is a multiplayer FPS where the main novelty is that you shoot music! And there are also a lot more interesting gameplay mechanics!

And this weekend you will be able to play Team Deathmatch on a fresh new map.

Map overview

In Firing Vibes there is a lot of verticality and this map expresses that. Plus every block on the map is climbable!

Map with a lot of verticality

The map is vertical with many platforms enabling to climb up. But there is also an Underground area.

Underground area

Come and give it a try! Even if it's just to see how the "shooting music" feels :D

Oh and as there are only a few players for now so the servers are often pretty empty. You can join the Discord to find other people to play with.

And we are organising a small "gather together to crowd the servers" this Saturday 28th at 8PM UTC (and it will probably be at the same time the other weekends).

See you there!

Close beta around the corner

Close beta around the corner


Firing Vibes will be on close beta very soon, if you are interested by innovative multiplayer game concepts you could give it a go!

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