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Fiefdom - the domain controlled by a feudal lord.

Protect your townsfolk from the elements, build their homes, and keep them clothed and fed; all while ensuring they pay their taxes!

Fiefdom lets you do all this and more.

Perhaps one villager with a cold might infect the entire town and leave them bedridden; all the while a wild wolf may sneak in the dead of night and kill your livestock leaving the village in famine, just in time for the local Lord's tax collectors to roll into town and take their due, and that's just the first play through!

Retry and rebuild; learn and improve; survive longer and perhaps you'll discover the benefits of being in the favour of the Lord of the Manor...



Fiefdom has three different play modes which allow you to experience the world in multiple ways:

  • Build Mode
    • Allows you to place down your paths, and buildings.
  • First Person Mode
    • Experience your town in first person mode, be one of the peasants!
  • Spectator Mode
    • Want to record a video but need that perfect angle? This is your mode.
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Fiefdom: Devblog #2


Devblog #2

This week has been focused on sounds and peasant life (and Wurm Unlimited).

New Video

No new video this week as it is all mainly sound changes.



  • Added average citizen happiness to HUD (this influences migrant waves)
  • Added basic new game setup
  • Added basic wooden fence
  • Added campfire sound
  • Added citizen ageing
  • Added citizen needs (thirst & hunger)
  • Added citizen retirement
  • Added house enter and exit sound
  • Added minor camera shake when placing a building
  • Added more path destroy sounds
  • Added the game version to the main menu
  • Beehives now need time to build up wax
  • Migrants will now come to the town
  • Revamped UI (Thanks Kenney!)
Fiefdom: Devblog #1

Fiefdom: Devblog #1


Many behind the scenes changes, tweaks, two new buildings, and a new job.


this stil;l being a thing? sounds neat!

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looking at the pics and thing awe! but then the scary pills monsters came out... :(

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so is there actually skins for the people or just gas looking tanks. it looks cool. cant wait for the future

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Sounds like an epic idea, best of luck!

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