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Feudums is all about the vibe and feel for epic medieval strategy game campaigns, with writing, game design, visuals and music all serving a single purpose: to present a unique and unforgettable tale shared between the players every time they dive into the game's world. Inspired by the strong vibe of 90's classic Amiga & C64 games like Defender of the Crown and Lords of the Realm, the cool story-driven-sandbox style of Mount & Blade games, the great grand strategy mixture of Crusader Kings and the diplomatic and intrigue aspects of fan-favorite novels like Game of Thrones (A Song of Fire and Ice).


A Coat of Arms in the Feudal Age was more than decoration. It told a story and the character of the bearer through the language of Heraldry. With FEUDUMS' Coat of Arms Creator Preview, you can check what kind of experience we're going to offer by creating your very own Noble House, and tell its story through its coat of arms, an important and unique device through your in-game journey.  Please bear in mind that this is a public feature preview of the Coat of Arms Creator functionality. It is NOT a full game.

Feudums Preview (x86)
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