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Father´s Island is a mystical, surreal crime-solving visual novel in a 3D open world, where the player has to solve the mistery of his own wrongful conviction 5 years earlier. In the player character´s words: I am John Richards, and I am innocent. I spent the last years in the Providence state prison for a crime I hadn´t comitted. Armed robbery and assault, christmas eve 2009, a seven eleven just outside the town where I used to live. Hell, I was a highschool teacher then, and yeah, I didn´t earn much, but robbery? No fucking way. I spent the night 80 miles away in my cabin, my private retreat for holidays, working on exams and exercices for my pupils. Alone. A pretty bad Alibi, especially as they had me on tape. Not only my face, clearly visible, hard to mistake for another ones, they had also my DNA all over the place...

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Serygala says

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Fathers Island is one of the weirdest games you will ever play. Ripe with odd humour, strange design and simply entertaining narration, this game will certainly fill a rainy evening. You can get it on steam, so what are ya waiting for you dirty sheep shagger?!


Alpensepp says

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A Walking Simulator that has a dense, narrated, live-action-ingame told story and (almost) never gets boring?

Yes, that's possible. While Father's Island is never the trash-gore-boobs-glory masterpiece Into the Dark was, it is an impressive Piece of Software, a lecture in good design and storytelling. It's also far mroe polished and visually superior. Still i hope for Into the Ice!


Duchenkuke says

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Great Game. Mutliple endings, nice story, calm atmosphere.

Only bad thing is the performance. But thats okay.
9/10 good game.

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