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FAT BEETS - スーパーリズム野菜 (Super Rhythm Vegetables) is a rhythm/puzzle game that takes the colored note mechanics of music games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band with the tile matching mechanics of puzzle games like Bejeweled and Tetris and wraps it up in a retro-Japanese console game aesthetic and all original chip-tune soundtrack. Now available for Windows (at Itch.io) and Android (at Itch.io and Google Play) for $0.99!

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Some thanks to our backers and the contingency plan for what happens if FAT BEETS doesn't meet it's funding goal.

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Hey everyone! So, before I get into anything else I want to start off by thanking Aiden Perona and Aaron G. for being a first backers! You guys are freak'n awesome and I hope you really enjoy FAT BEETS when it comes out!

Anyway, I think it's fair to say we've been off to a bit of a rocky start. We're still working as hard as possible to get the word out, and would really appreciate it if you would help us get the work out too. But, today I want to talk about the contingency plan for what happens if we don't meet out funding goal.

First, the good news: FAT BEETS absolutely be finished for Windows PC and Android early to mid September this year funding or no funding. The bad news is the the scale of the project is going to have to be scaled back quite a bit if the Kickstarter campaign doesn't succeed.

The most obvious cuts will be other platforms. Windows and Android will still happen, but I simply won't have to money to get onto anything else until after FAT BEETS comes out, and even then it'll depend on how financially successful the game is. The other cuts will be into the amount of content the game will come with. I would like to be putting 50-60 hours a week into this project, but if I don't have the money to leave my day job, it'll continue to be more like 10-15 hours a week. So, my goal of having around 20 songs will probably drop to around 10 to 12, and my goal of having around 18 power-ups will probably drop down to only a few more than the current 9. However, I am going to make the effort to keep everything in FAT BEETS as polished as possible, there's just going to be a bit less of it.

So, after that downer, I want to close on something a bit more fun. Below is the first song I wrote for FAT BEETS call "Shorelines". In fact, it was the only playable song in the game for about 3 months, so I've personally gotten a bit sick of it. But, I do hope you enjoy it.

(To listen to the song, click on over to the Kickstarter Update Page)

That's all for today. I'll be back with more, hopefully far more optimistic, updates soon!

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