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New version of popular simulator series about farmer's everyday life, with the usage of different agricultural machines stressed. Aside from growing and selling crops, you can also buy cows, sheep and chicken to get milk, wool and eggs. The game supports up to 10 users in multiplayer.

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ermaccer says

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First of all FS 2009 was a diamond back there.Then was 2011 something like 09 but with animals and fancy mod shop :).
Then came like a horse 2013...
Yeah here it is the Farmer Simulator that people is buying and buying without end.
First of all graphics are great but (maybe) are missing real-time reflections on machines (maybe i don't see them on medium-high setting of game).This is game with no plot and quest are given randomly :).
Models and textures of game are very well done.
Time to tell the bugs.How the hell tractor can't pass out some trashbins?Or even fly in air?That's the driving-system of game.
Quest(missions)are random and same every time so don't hope for some fun rather than move-it-here,move-it-there.
Tutorial is well done and explains more than must of game aspects.
Sounds effects are great(I don't number music,that is only main menu).
I don't hear them loud or something.
As for "open-source" thing.Fans created tons and tons of add-ons for this game!
It just sounds cool.Some modders just put hell lot of scripts on one machine instead of giving simplicity of game(Who the hell needs opened doors or some other cameras?).But there are also others who design mods like GIANTS himself :).
Also GIANTS software GmbH has relased some DLC's for game!
You should check it out!(I recommend personaly Ursus DLC)
Also there is free DLC Farming Classics!


New_Age_Patriot says

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