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Fantasy Realm Online is a FREE sandbox style MMORPG that blends many of the classic aspects of single player rpgs and a massive multiplayer game. The games look and feel is similar to the Ultima series. The world can be explored as a brave adventurer (Choose from 5 classes) that allows you to battle opponents, collect treasures and build your character through quests and combat experiences. You can also explore the world as a merchant, apprentice under shop keepers, grow produce, mine mountains for precious metals and chop through forests for rare woods, craft items, obtain a house and much, much more!

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happytr33z says

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This is game is a true spiritual successor to Ultima Online, and in my mind is pretty much flawless in its current state and it also has a ton of potential to improve and expand even further. Its one that hardcore gamers can really get behind as well as those who are used to casual games but want to experience something different.

The developers are very active on their forums and in adding content to the game, the only downside is that it hasn't been promoted very well resulting in a small playerbase but I don't hold that against the game in my rating. If more people played this game I would be in MMO heaven, and in time I think they will once more people hear about it. If you haven't played this game, and are a fan of oldschool UO or just oldschool sandbox MMOs in general, do yourself a favor and check this game out. As I said the playerbase is currently small but it has enough people playing to make it a highly enjoyable experience still.