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The game is a first person exploration adventure game set in a pen and paper inspired fantasy world with a tongue on cheek humor and twists on normal conventions (at least in the world design)

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Development Live Streams



The development for the game is mostly live streamed on Twitch. The game is in development for about 80 days at the moment and there is some groundwork done but the world needs to be filled a lot of content as it is based around the idea of exploration and the world is too empty at this time.

The theme for the time is to create content for the avatar system I am using, UMA (Unity Multipurpose Avatar). Content creation is done in Blender as I do not have my student licence for 3D Studio Max anymore. Texturing is done in Substance Painter. An important thing to keep in mind though is that I am not an artist by trade, I am a game designer or programmer. So, expect not the highest quality and I am still learning the use of software. I used Unity before on different kinds of projects and I would call myself moderately skilled with it.

With all that said, make up your own mind after watching a bit of the content. As for older content, have a look at YouTube where I upload my past broadcasts.

Have a look and have fun,


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