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Fabricant is an indie horror game made on Unity3D engine. Episode 1 of Fabricant. You are Steven Conerly, the young man who wants to make some easy money by visiting an old, abandoned factory.. No one has been there since 1912.. or maybe someone has been there since the beginning..

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VladGuardian says

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OMG, it's an awful parody of
Call Of Cthulhu: Dark Corners Of the Earth...
Level design, animation, puzzles are quite bad...


Mr.Kropek says

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Very well made game. A little bit buggy, but very good in overall. Atmosphere is really scary and presented mechanics are nicely done. Music fits the game.


Discopear says

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Pretty good game. I just suggest fixing all the bugs in the first game before you release the second. I don't have TOO many complaints. I'll leave it at that. Good job. (:


Yldrania says

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Finally got around to playing it, very very good job :) Loved it!


kabeltelevizio says

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Due to countless bugs, glitches and crashes this game was sadly unenjoyable.
The scares were nice, but the long and unnecessary text-reading, the unneeded slow-motion jumps and cutscenes made the game kinda boring and stretched out.
I couldn't even finish the game properly, it kept crashing unless I played with the lowest settings.


Cleed says

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