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Achieve the title Iron Hugger by competing in twelve Hugtime Challenges! Hug each challenger for as long as possible without making things awkward!

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The Position
boredom’s products is seeking an animator, ideally who is familiar with Unity and UScript, to fill a contract position for our action/arcade game Extreme Hugtime Simulation Challenge. The player plays as a contestant on the Japanese game show of the same name, where s/he is competing for the title Houyou no Tetsujin, or “Iron Hugger”. Gameplay is simple but addictive, challenging the player to gain a certain number of points each level, which is accomplished by pressing buttons prompted by the game as fast as possible without making mistakes. The fast-paced gameplay is augmented by different hug-themed special moves that can be performed after chaining enough flawless button inputs.

The game’s over-dramatic portrayal of hugging and parodies of Japanese tropes will drive the game’s appeal, so someone who has an interest in anime or manga, and who appreciates the eccentricities of Japanese culture, will be preferred.

The responsibilities for this contract will be as follows:
• Create the animations for 12 cut-scenes approximately 30 seconds each, involving two to three characters. Note: the number of cut-scenes may change, so use this number as a guideline.
• Create various hug-related animations to use randomly during basic gameplay.
• Create the textures for each character’s facial expressions. Note: the original .PSD files will be provided to expedite this process.
• Rig the 26 characters in the game (only five body types/meshes are used to create the cast of characters)

We expect to have a working prototype completed by the end of June, and will move forward from there. Most of our art assets are complete, including character and environment models, most 2D art, and most of the GUI. Sound and music will be completed last, once the game has starting coming together. Our target release platform was originally the Xbox 360 via the Live Arcade portal, but after speaking with [adult swim] Games, we may choose a browser-based platform. The Unity engine will allow us to make our decision after a working prototype of the game has been completed.

If you are interested in working with a creative team of designers who will appreciate your creativity and expertise, and if you are looking to expand your portfolio with a great indie game, send your resume and links to any completed work to jobs@boredomsproducts.com.

While this is a paid position, boredom’s products is not an established developer, but rather, we are a group of professional hobbyists looking for our “break” into the gaming industry. Payment for this contract is $400.

The EHSC Team
Brandon Higley – Producer, Composer. Brandon founded boredom’s products with his brother, Matthew. He has written a few pieces for creative indie titles such as Encore, but has yet to “break” into the industry. His resume may be found at Brandonhigley.com.

Matthew Higley – Writer. Matt is an aspiring author who enjoys quirky humor and casual games. His resume can be found on his LinkedIn profile at Linkedin.com.

John Doran – Programmer. John has worked on teams of 2-7 to release games for the last 7 years. He is currently authoring a book on the UDK. His resume can be found at Johnpdoran.com.

Sarah Ellen Cheney – Character Designer. Sarah frequents anime conventions in Florida, selling her works and honing her craft. She never leaves home without a book and her iPod. Her portfolio can be found at Starinmypocket.net.

Heriberto Valle – Environmental Concept Artist. After contributing 2D assets to Imagineergames, Heriberto decided he wanted to do more for the gaming industry, in addition to his usual work, which can be found at Heribertovalle.carbonmade.com.

Katherine Cook – Pagoda Concept Artist. Katie typically works on Japanese woodblocks, which she specialized in while attending UC Santa Cruz. Her portfolio can be found at Artbykatherine.com.

Christopher Wood – Character Modeler. A graduate of the Guildhall at SMU, Chris has worked on an unannounced title for Gearbox in addition to various indie titles. His resume may be found at Christopherwood.us.

Ryan Berkani – Environmental Modeler. Ryan composed one-half of the two-man team that worked on Spectraball, for which he created all of the in-game artwork. His resume can be found at Ryanberkani.com.

To Apply

Send a resume and demo reel to jobs@boredomsproducts.com.

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