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~ COMMENT RULES ~ Please be respectful in the comments. Hateful things are not necessary and can cause serious damage. :( If you have nothing nice or supportive to say, please keep it to yourselves. Exploring the Robot Factory is a point and click horror game about Max (a young man in his mid 20's) adventuring to a lost robot factory which he wants to see if it's true that there is a robot that still stays there to this day.The idea he made was the worst idea yet. Exploring the robot factory was made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5,It is only appropriate for teen views.

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Update #1


So far deveploment is going pretty great.I only have finished 1 frame so far.This game may seem like a FNAF Clone but it's a original project.Right up there is a screenshot of frame 1.It's just basically showing what to expect in the first level.On the bottom left there is the sanity meter,If the sanity meter goes to 0.Well let's just say that you'll find out in the demo :P.OH YEAH,Right the demo.The demo is planned to come out in atleast a week,Cause there's so much to do.And I don't think the full version will be coming out anytime soon.So I hope all of you have a good day.

- (David) LongLogStudios

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