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"Think inside the box."

About the Game:

Experiments Lab is a 3D puzzle/platform game in development by Eye Square Studio at Unity 5 engine. As a rat, you have to solve many different puzzles made by two scientists by using two different camera perspectives where the player must think on a way to reach at the cage through buttons, boxes and lights. Just don't be afraid of the darkness.


Controlling the rat through different perspectives, you must walk around the box to find a way to reach the objective, the cage. watch out for the action objects, like buttons for example, some may only be visible in one perspective.

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Hi, it's nice to talk with you all again!

After many and many feedback's about the animations and the scientists models we decided that something had to be done about it: The problems included holes in their clothes, bad and abrupt movements and other things that made many people unsatisfied, so thanks to Fuse™ we could provide for you all new and better look for Nicolay and Logan (it's their names for those who didn't knew):

But that is not everything for today, we also managed to get smoother animations for the rat too!

The game is still in heavy development so there is still many things to say and show yet so feel free to tell us what do you think in commentaries and thanks for the support so far. :)

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