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An RPG where typing in the keyboard is just another mechanic. Demo available.

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EXECUTE has started his crowdfund campaign with a NEW trailer showing and explaining the main mechanics and story of the videogame.

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Indiegogo wallpaper

What would happen if everything that you know until now as reality is... fake? A dream, an illusion, made by something or someone. Will then be right to awake the rest of the people? Or you should let them live in the dream?

The people from this world have been living like this for many years, following the religion of the code, and putting all their fate in their king, but, is it really up to you to change the course of this fiction? Or you are just another mere puppet of destiny?


Campaign link -> igg.me

With a fixed goal (All or nothing) of $700, the campaign is planned to finish by the end of september. By achieving the goal, the product will be able to release in August 2022 on Steam as a full length game.

As a solo developer, it is hard to actively work on all the aspects of the game, and now that I'm entering university it will be even harder to stay at home to work on this project, that's why I'm aiming for $700 to buy a portatil in which I will be able to work on my free times even if I were outside my house.


"Who defines what is real? Why are my actions less real than yours!? Even if my existence is based of a lie, aren't my actions a reality!? If I somehow managed to change even a little bit of what you call 'real'... then ain't i'm real?"


Even one dollar would help a lot for the crowdfund campaign, but if you can't affort the money, you can also support the game by following us on Twitter or here, becoming a watcher :)

Thank you for reading!


I have some experience with Kickstarting a project too and i would like to give a few advises!

Setting your goal on a clear 1000 would make it less confusing and also it doesnt give away the idea that you exactly know how much you need, we never know exactly.

I would also repair the Tiers, they are confusing and i find for this amount they are too many.
Why not round the numbers, and remove a few!

I am not going to talk about the game since i am not invested enough to have an opinion about it, just that i find your are not promoting enough content.
Add a few more images and maybe something about: How it is developed!

A few images from unity editor and gifs!
There are some cool video to gif generators out there!

And you dont need to do all these changes on day 1, take your time!

grats <3

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CrisOyarce Author

Thanks! Yes I kind of rushed the page because on August 12 my country will be out of the list available to create campaigns, but I will try to fix it during this week, thank you<3

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