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Exclusion is set in the year 2013, in a place called Sivograd in which four factions are fighting over artifacts scatter around.


Fulton: Multiple supply caches are located around the city. These caches also contain a fulton that can be used to extract from battle and return to the spawn area.

Special Weapons: There are rare and powerful weapon scattered around the map. Those weapons do a lot of damage but their ammo reserves are limited.

Progression System: Leveling up gives you a choice between two selectable perks and weapons.

Multiple Ammo Types: Multiple different ammo types that offer various advantages.

Realistic Combat: Realistic bullet physics and weapon handling offer an immersive experience.

Expansive Levels: Big areas and maps for you and your teammates to explore.

Special Equipment: You can customize your PDA as you see fit. You have a choice between 2 routes of editing. The Navigation route is your standard map display which you can upgrade to scan for possible loot or enemies in the proximity, and you have the Hacker route in which you lose the ability to view the map but gain a command line in which you can disrupt or turn off enemy equipment.


Assault - A wide variety of assault rifles and explosive based weapons.

Support - Can drop an ammo box that refills ammo for teammates.

Medic - Can heal others and himself.

Sniper - A wide variety of sniper rifles and a pair of night vision goggles.

Technician - Can place a deployable cover that stops incoming bullets and various buildables.


Artifact Hunt

Objective: Collect as many artifacts as possible and return them to the starting point/spawn.
Rules: The carrier can't shoot from his weapons while holding the artifact due to its unstable nature.
The carrier will start glowing when holding the articat, this acts as a "marker" for other factions to focus their attacks and differentiate the carrier from other members of his team.

There are abandoned bases around the map which hold various loots and weapon caches in them.
The weapons that are located in those bases are not selectable from the class menu meaning they are rare and powerful.
Those weapons range from Crossbows to Sniper Rifles that fire electrical bolts and many more. Some bases won't have weapons in them but they will have ammunition and supplies.

Code Scan

Objective: There are hidden QR codes around the map. Scan those codes with your PDA and use them to hack computer terminals that spawn randomly on the map.

Note: You cannot scan the codes if you choose the Hacker route on your PDA.


Objective: A free-for-all game in which everyone starts with no weapons and limited supplies. Weapons and Equipment can be found hidden on the map. The last player that is alive wins the game.

Despair Code

Objective: At Despair Code 1, all player stats are normal. At Despair Code 2, each players health is reduced by 30. At Despair Code 3, all weapons deal more damage. At Despair Code 4, all electronic equipment is shut down(This includes PDA's and Electronic sights). At Despair Code 5, all players are eliminated from the round when killed. If, after one minute, one side has not won at Despair Code 5, a Nuke detonates, and no player is credited with winning.

The year is 2013 and the world is slowly recovering from the terrorist attacks that almost caused a nuclear armageddon back in 2001. Unknown terrorid detonated a small number of bombs that triggered massive explosions in the remaining reactors of the plant. This caused massive leaks of toxic radiation which have spread throughout Europe and some parts of Asia within weeks of the explosion. Soon allegations of NATO and CIA causing the explosion started emerging, which almost caused a third war but was stopped in time before any armed conflict started.

The current state of the world is slowly returning to normal. But the attack of 2001 have left a mark on the world, Many strange occurrences have been happening lately. Things that are hard to explain and defy all laws of nature. Various anomalies have spread throughout the world. "Cracks" of space and time that lead to an unknown dimension and can teleport to random places on the earth and also there are places where there is no gravity and everything floats in a radius of 700 meters. Also things or "objects" that come in various forms and is said that they possess abilities beyond comprehension.

Those objects are called Artifacts, right now there are 5 known artifacts that have been collected. Artifacts displayed various changes when in contact with living organisms. Some artifacts can alter a living thing so much that it changes the physical and physiological state of a person/organism. Other artifacts display healing effects that can treat physical ailments as well as psychological issues.

There are still many artifacts that are yet to be found. Recently there was a sighting of multiple artifacts in the center of a town called Sivograd in Eastern Europe. But no one dares to go there due to high amounts of radiation. The town of Sivograd is described as a “chilling ghost town”. The scariest thing about it is the fact that everyone that was there in 2008 has died from an unknown cause. Autopsy reports say that the victims died from a sudden hearth attack, what is more baffling is the fact that radiation levels were relatively small and that the people that died had no medical issues and hearth problems prior to their death.

This unknown artifacts have intrigued many people. But no one knows that a small war for the artifacts is slowly brewing….

The current date is 15th of October 2013.

A black military truck has been seen in the outskirts of Sivograd and a group of 5 men all in heavy military equipment with PBF gas masks have been scouting the area. Witness reports claim that they have a cicada logo on their left arms. These are without a doubt Cicada 3301 agents. Cicada 3301 is an enigmatic organization,their goals and ideals are unknown but there is a rumor that their leader is an A.I dubbed Mariana.

The second faction is a militant group of soldiers and war veterans, they call them selves “Free Soldiers” they fight for the profit and thrill. Their leader is Aleksandar Pantic. Anyone can join them as long as they have the guts and will.

The third factions is the second most infamous PMC in the world. Westside Security is a PMC like any other. Located in North America, they do the usual private military business; from armed or unarmed combat to combat support to security or security advisory services. This is their first job outside of America.

The forth and the final faction is Vostok Institute. They have been observing the anomalies from distance, but now they decided that they must take action. Their goal is to reach the center of Sivograd and recover the artifacts. For the past 10 years Vostok Institute of technology have been making various experimental weapons for the military. Records claim that they have made a lot of weapons: Rail rifles/guns, Gauss rifles, Radiation based weapons and most recently anomaly based weapons.

One of the scientists ventured alone into Sivograd looking for the anomaly, but he never came back. He carried a Rail gun called Protok...

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When the game reaches a fully playable stage we will post it on Greenlight. Right now you can post your ideas, suggestions, etc.. on our concept page.

Link: Steamcommunity.com


You inspired from STALKER comrade?I ask that because the russian paratrooper gas mask and russian army camo.And,the name of the game.
Anyway,hope to see it soon.

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TugaAvenger Creator

That is correct, this game is inspired by STALKER.
Thank you for your support, we are doing the best we can.

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Ah,you could add a option that let you play game in free mode.With no story.I mean,you choose a faction,and fight for it! (I remember in STALEKR ShoC,after I finished it first,I didn't wanted to start it ALL OVER AGAIN! you know is a bit annoying....a free mode is not a bad thing....sometimes you get bored by the campaign and you go either multiplayer,either you search mods for it).

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TugaAvenger Creator

This is a multiplayer game, the closest thing to Free mode would be a really big/ open world map. We will think about this

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Kinda like STALKER but with a somewhat different story. It has some potential.
Keep up the good work I guess.

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