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The goal of this project is to create a multiplayer world set inside a fantastic 2.5D spirit in the way of role playing game's classics such as 'Sword of Mana' and the 'Tales Of ...' series. Combining both multiplayer and oldschool-RPG, this game is summarized on it's name, Evol Online, which describe the effort to always adapt and explore new ideas that can bring the development in a FLOSS and indie community.

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mas886 says

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Very good game, still in a bete release, waqiting for the next update


-WildX says

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The game is in its beta. What is available now is very promising, the game is fun and looks spectacular!


cortez666 says

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To be honest this doesn't need a justification, this 'game' doesnt even try to provide an experience.


LilyMo0n says

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Il gioco รจ molto divertente. I scenari e i personaggi sono belli !


Morwen16 says

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It's really a good game! I like the story and the graphic style, the little piou is great! Now I'm waiting for the next episode!


Ablu says

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More a singleplayer game which only plays one two maps (small ship and a small island). Kind of egoistic project. Taking many art from TMW, being unfriendly for TMW to reuse it since it got converted to CC BY SA. Annoying marketing without big updates.

PS: Thanks a lot for messaging me about the bad vote :)


4144 says

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