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“Eugenics is the self-direction of human evolution,”

bellows the haughty poster. The voices of thousands echoed this cry through the dark halls of science. With Darwin as their god, they gathered together under the banner of progress at the world’s first international Eugenics conference 1912. Their dream: to rid the world of the pain of disease, a seemingly honorable goal indeed. As evolution as their pillar, they believed that if they could control the man, they held the keys to a greater society. They united together to create a race of super humans. Now the war between the super-human and the feeble-minded wages on in a platform game. Play as Danny-Fravel to reclaim the world's right to life.

-Free-Roam Platform game: Explore the vastness of the world, purchase supplies from shops, and enter missions at strategic locations.

-Stealth Platform: In the major cities there are always guards. Switch to stealth mode to infiltrate the cities and gather crucial information, but watch out! If you accidentally go into attack mode they will call hordes of enemies on you

-Epic Combat: Unlike most platformers, in Eugenics you use your mouse to aim your weapon giving you the full range of motion to aim. Wield weapons like the Sniper Rifle, AUG, FAMAS, Desolator Grenades, Flamethrower, and the mighty Paximus Cannon!

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Eugenics Game Engine


Here I am once again to share with the community. Although I haven't had any time to develop this game like I want to, I want to share the source code. Head to Paperhero.net to download and sign up for the closed alpha/beta for the GML source code for this game. Hopefully this makes up for my lack of new updates!

Linux Confusion

Linux Confusion


Sorry for the Linux confusion. I'll have it fixed soon!

New Sprites and New Levels

New Sprites and New Levels


Story, graphics, and level update! Lots of stuff has happened in between. I didn't want to release another demo version so quickly unless I had something...

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Eugenics Development Demo 0.1

Eugenics Development Demo 0.1


This is a first sneak peak at the almost completed game engine. Keep in mind that this in no way represents the final product in any forever way. Things...

D3XtheG - - 386 comments

i wish i was this good with game maker!!!

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