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Official Website: doublehitgames.com/eternalhope

twitter: @doublehitgames

facebook: facebook.com/eternalhopegame

The Story

The story is about a boy that loses his beloved in a tragic accident.
Lost in his own grieve he receives an offer he can’t deny, a way to bring her back.
But to do so he must find the fragments of her soul that spread around the world.

The Game

Eternal Hope is a 2D puzzle platformer game.

We were inspired by games like Limbo, Ori and the Blind Forest, The Legend of Zelda, etc.

We tried to do something different with our art style, combining low poly elements and silhouette art.

We are working on this project for about 6 months now and will keep working for as hard as we can.

We are focusing on character development, the story, all the aesthetics of our game and specially level design. We want the player to feel immersed in the game universe and to feel part of it.

Throughout the game we want to put some cutscenes and elements to highlight the story and why the character is going on his little adventure.


Light companion: a winged ball of light that will help the player complete his adventure. It will warn the player whenever there are hidden objects, secret passages and dangerous situations.

Special ability: the player can activate his hidden powers to merge two dimensions into one, revealing objects and creatures that are invisible to the naked eye.

Threats/Help: when the player uses his powers creatures can show up. Some are hostile and will start to chase the player and others will help to protect him or serve as platforms.

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Character's running animation.

UPDATE: After a long time we are back on the development of Eternal Hope. We want to release it on the third quarter of this year.

We changed from frame to frame animation to Skeletal Animation with bones on Unity. It will be much easier this way and smoother.

Waiting to hear what you guys think! :)

See ya!

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Eternal Hope - Indiegogo Demo

Eternal Hope - Indiegogo Demo


Eternal Hope is a puzzle adventure game that follows the story of Ti'bi - a boy who must travel between two dimensions in search of his beloved one's...

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