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ESPIONAG3 is a mini-game that showcases the essentials of playing games made for boARd 3D - the augmented reality gaming platform. It is set in a fictional 1940's city, that is different each time you play the game. The city generator is easy to control with just a press of a button, so you will never have to play the same map again. All boARd 3D games are based on our own unique interaction method, that is achieved through the connection with a boARd, a paper with printed graphics that is spread across the play area. This boARd allows you to view it's surface using your digital device's camera from a very close distance. Within a few moments you will be able to master this unique interaction method and play the game. A "boARd" is required to play the game, so we suggest that you download it and assemble it yourself, so that you can start playing right away, and then order it from our store if you need a durable version. Visit www.board3d.net for more information.

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