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A fun party game, where up to four players compete in various minigames which last only a few seconds. The longer you play, the faster it goes! It´s obviously inspired by the "Wario Ware" series by Nintendo, but Error Ware features original characters like Gaylien (yes, a gay alien), hand made midi- music and many crazy minigames! Set new highscores and collect stickers in single player or (if you have friends) have a good time in "Error Party" mode!

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Muy buen juego. Me han gustado los gráficos y la música. Me he divertido mucho jugándo el juego.

Very good game. I liked the graphics and music. I had so much fun playing the game.


anti00 says

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good game :D

it errors just like for many people


it's awesome

Due to being a new member I cannot rate what I wanted my REAL score is 10/10!

This game is great and in my mind I beleive wario ware inspired this game

Error ware < Wario ware


This is amazing but my only problem is starting the game!

My computer runs 90% when I run this game sooooooooooo Yeah!

It's a lot of fun.

Until the game actually works, I will have to give a 1 out of 10 :(


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