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In Ensign-1 you play the role of a space fighter pilot returning from a deep space colonization mission. On arrival back to our own solar system, you find Earth has been colonized by a hostile alien force. It's now up to you, with the help of your mothership, the Ensign-1, to take it back Ensign-1 allows allows for complete freedom in approaching objectives. You can fight from the safety of your spacecraft, or land and exit to explore space stations and carriers on foot. You can commandeer any spacecraft in the game, no matter how big or how small. Defend an asteroid base, or take the fight to the enemy with a huge mothership, friends manning turrets, it's your choice. The game also features a multiplayer mode where players can explore a randomly generated galaxy, either fighting co-operatively to clean out enemy fighters, or battling each other for supremacy.

RSS Turrets, Capital Ships, and Explosions

In this article I promise to talk about manning turrets, fighting capital ships, and explosions!

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Remember that scene in Star Wars where Luke, Leia, and Solo are escaping from the Death Star and some Tie Fighters give chase? Solo commands to get to the turrets, Leia pilots, and together they're able to shoot down the fighters. Scenes like that are something I was hoping to capture a small part of when adding turrets to the game. I wanted players to be able to play the role of a gunner, while one of their buddies pilots them through a war zone. Or command one of the many on a capitol ship, defending it from the threat of maneuverable fighter craft.

That is what we've been hard at work on this whole time, making sure players felt like they could go anywhere in a space battle. You can steal ships, man turrets, pilot capitols ships, or just fight on foot. I have been working overtime trying to make sure it all worked well with multiplayer. And it does now for the most part.

In addition, we've made a number of other enhancements to the engine. In terms of graphical quality, the laser explosions and indoor lighting effects have received some love. Collisions are faster, and the level editor (which will be available in game) has been updated with box selections, and numerous other time saving features.

As well as the Ensign's many additions, Rusty has made us a cool mining colony that the player will get to explore in one of our single player missions. The mission will be along the lines of disabling its defenses, flying through a tunnel, and stealing some plans from within the docking area.

Inside The Mining ColonyIron Brew its made from girders!

Our team size has also grown again! Erin Evans, has joined us as our creative writer and as a voice actress. Aside from writing most of the dialogue and journals you'll encounter throughout the game, she'll also be playing one of Ensign-1's navigation specialists, who will provide guidance and advice throughout the single player campaign.

And that's kind of a good segue into what our team's next focus is going to be. From here on until our first alpha release, we will be focusing almost exclusively on the single player campaign, hoping to bring you a small taste of what you can expect in the missions to come. So stay tuned, and good hunting!

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nice work so far

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Looks awesome! Cant wait to test/play it!

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everything looks kinda bloated.. like everything's made out of pillows.

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