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Do you really know your mobile phone?
Open the box and solve unique puzzles.
Only 5% of players did it! Are you up to the challenge?

Don't expect to answer some boring questions from an old guy with a white beard...

In EnigmBox you have to play with all your mobile phone functionalities.

Manipulate and fiddle with your device like never before: Move it, take pictures, videos, speak, plug some stuff, press buttons and more.

Several times awarded because of its originality, EnigmBox will surprise you every time.

Kids can solve 90% of puzzles without breaking a sweat
Just imagine the "easiest" and the most "logic" solution. So no excuse!
Oh, I almost forgot! Take a fork! Yeah, really! |^^|

  • Play differently with your mobile phone
  • 56 original puzzles and more are coming
  • A ton of free puzzles
  • 2 Hints per puzzle
  • Every puzzle is a new surprise

-========== PRESS

  • "Once in a while a puzzler comes alone that is just so beautiful & addictive, ..." 4/5 - knowthyapp.com
  • "EnigmBox really pushes you to think unconventionally, and this is why I especially recommend this game." - 5/5 - theiphoneappreview.com
  • "This entertainment is addicting with pretty surprises" - lesjeuxmobiles.canalblog.com
  • 16/20 - Tablette.com
  • 4/5 - "Every puzzle is a surprise" - powerapp.jp
  • 8/10 - mobileappreview.co.uk

-========== REVIEWS

  • • "I love stretching my brain to new possibilities and being creative."
  • • "It really makes you think about ways to get the job done."
  • • "It really gets you think outside the box, and not only use your hands but all the capabilities of your device too."

-========== RANKING

Top games Family: #11 France #5 Uruguay and #1 in our hearts
Top games Puzzle: #10 Russia #11 France #21 Iceland

-========== SOCIAL

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