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This game is about a police action simulator in a small city, mixing genres of action, adventure and RPG. The player control the life of a police officer in a sandbox world, taking many kind of missions and at same time try to develop its career, building a non-linear open story.

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CandyGamer says

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i like the game but lots of bugs still. Physics need a little bit more work too.
i got a call of a suspicious person and when i approached the person and asked for compliance she just ran towards the wall and stopped and then continued. i also think that the energy and hunger deplete pretty quickly, the game is great but some things need to be worked on. As i hope you guys are improving the game each day thanks. Its one of a kind!


GhostHound says

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This game has a LOT of potential. So far, in its early stages, it's proven to be a very fun game. I played it for about 2 hours and got to level 4. I was a little disappointed that I couldn't figure out how exactly I can get my new car.

Now, in the start, you have to spend the first 5 minutes just reading through a very long text that explains how everything works. Instead, I'd suggest a categorized way of looking through things. That way it's better to look over things later on as well.

The game mechanics are.. they're not the best. It's sluggish, the car handling is pretty crap and civilians driving trucks often cause traffic jams because they can't turn a tight corner. As far as civilian interaction goes and completing missions that involve finding suspects, it's pretty much impossible. I mean my first callout was a vandalism case. I asked the guy who called what the vandals look like and he gave me the descriptions of them. Problem was, the descriptions matched like 3 nearby NPCs. I'd have no way of knowing which one of them is the real criminal. Some diversity in appearances would be nice. Just retexture the clothes, if you must.

DUIs are a little confusing. So I check someones breath and they're under the influence. I get them out, place them under arrest and it gets ticked under "Innocent Civilians Arrested"? DUI is an arrestable crime in pretty much every state in America. Wut.

As far as on-duty off-duty time goes, I think there's way too much effort put into the off-duty aspect. The stress level is.. meh. Hanging out with your mother/sister/grandparents/friends doesn't even give you any stress points, which is weird. And what's with the applause as if I've just won an Oscar after hanging out with people?

The police vehicle itself is well done, as well as the interactables. Indicators, siren and the strobes themselves. However, it being just red is kind of bland. Red and blue in the future pls. Oh and while I think to mention it, please add a tutorial on how to get a new police vehicle, because I have not got a clue on how to get my new ones.

There should also be a little bit of further research be done on the ranks. I mean you don't have Police Officer and then Senior Deputy. Deputy = Sheriff's Office/Department (county). Police Officer = Police Department (city).

The game is built on a strange engine as well. I mean the graphics aren't really top of the line and I'm lagging horribly unless I run it under low graphics. It doesn't make much sense that I can run Payday 2 better than I can run this.

All in all, like I said, it's a pretty good game with a lot of potential. Needs a lot of polishing. I mean the English itself in the game is sometimes bizarre.


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