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Check... RPG, survival, co-op game, mining, crafting, zombies, farming, taming, player houses, bombs, retro graphics, lighting, YES! Endyr's got it all.

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This year was all about details in Endyr. Liquids can now be seen through bottles, blades get rusty over time, NPCs can offer you items and the whole fishing part was implemented. Furthermore the chat was upgraded to a Minecraft-like box, the character creation screen was completely overhauled and besides the mandatory performance-upgrades some bew special effects were introduced (like RGB-splitting).

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The Bastion

A large castle was originally designed as a home for players, but since housing was implemented everyone can build their own houses or towns. So what happened to the castle? The place is now called the Bastion and a bunch of soldiers is running and protecting the place. People there can buy your resources (if you're thrustworthy) for a new currency called Lux, which is basically a glowing dust of pure light. Lux are probably your best weapon against the upcoming darkness but you might give them away happily in exchange for some food, shelter or a new sword (or shovel). Also there's a fight club, but we don't talk about it.

Lux Lux Lux Sir, yes sir! Fight club

NPC shops

If you played the alpha you know NPCs from Torial, the starter town. There was even a trader selling some stuff for gold coins, but it was really all just improvised discussion scripting. Now they made it into the Bastion and I implemented a nice shopping menu as seen in the screenshot:

Shopping window Selling (actually the trading window) Glowing Lux

Selling items is still solved through the well-known trading window. And yes, Lux really do glow in the dark.


Now this is big: Armor and clothing was implemented! I mean, you could already wear armor in the alpha but your character image didn't change at all. Now the clothing actually shows up in the game! This also goes for hats and helmets, of course. I even added a new "double" slot so you can wear armor over clothing at the same time.

Clothing Armor over admin dress Dark style


Agreed, fishing was missing for too long, but now it's there! Use a net or throw your bait to catch some fresh fish from the seas and rivers in Endyr. Worms might increase your chance for larger fish, or try using the smaller ones as bait. I painted a whole lot of different fish to keep this interesting! :-)

Fishing rod Catching fish Fishing net


Context (popup) menus allow improved interactions • Building houses was made possible • The chat box was overhauled and now shows a small icon when someone's talking • Bottles and flasks now show their content and filling state • Selecting amounts of items was improved • Bees • Blades can now become rusty • RGB-splitting effect (because I can)

Context menu Chat text 99 bottles in the bag Selection wheel Bees Color splitting

Lifetime account

Eager to play? Since Endyr is still in development the lifetime account offer is yet available! If you prefer a one-time-payment rather than monthly subscription, this is the right thing for you:

Thanks for your support and please consider spreading the word!

*hopes to keep you eager*


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